‘American Idol’ Spoilers: Top 14 Singers For 2018 Reboot Revealed, Reports ‘The Idol Pad’

Craig SjodinABC

American Idol spoilers indicate that the Top 14 group of singers who make it to the 2018 reboot season live shows is jam-packed with talent. The Top 24 grouping has featured plenty of fantastic performances, but it is almost time for the live show finalists to be revealed and it looks like this is definitely a buzzworthy group. The Idol Pad has shared the list of who they say made it through the big cut and this list will surely have people talking.

According to spoilers from The Idol Pad, the group of contestants who will be featured on the live shows is made up of 14 people. Adam Sanders, who is performing as Ada Vox, is one of the finalists, and American Idol spoilers indicate that Catie Turner, Gabby Barrett, Jurnee Siani, and Maddie Poppe survive the next cut as well. Additional females to get to the next phase reportedly include Mara Justine and Michelle Sussett.

Spoilers share that the male singers heading to the live shows include Cade Foehner, Caleb Hutchinson, Dennis Lorenzo, and Garrett Jacobs. American Idol spoilers detail that Jonny Brenns, Marcio Donaldson, and Michael Woodard round out the group, and the site American Idol Net has revealed the same list of finalist names. The performances that determined the group are said to have taken place in early March and viewers will see this all play out within the next few episodes.


The live shows are slated to begin on April 22 and as TVLine notes, the show drops down to one episode a week beginning on April 30 due to the All-Athletes Edition of Dancing with the Stars debuting on Monday night of that week. The finale of the ABC American Idol reboot is scheduled to air in late May and fans will be anxious to see which of the spoiled Top 14 eventually win the season.

Can this 2018 season create a star like what the Fox version did with Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood? Will the ratings be enough for ABC to continue with the reboot or will this return fizzle out after all of the initial hype? American Idol spoilers tease that there are some stunning performances on the way and viewers are anxious to see who will manage to come out on top.