Joe Clyde Daniels 911 Call Released: Search For Body Of Five-Year-Old Autistic Boy Continues

Aaron Homer

The 911 call in which Joseph Daniels reported his missing son, 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels, has been released, revealing chilling details about the alleged murder of the autistic child.

As Yahoo News reports, Tennessee authorities released audio of the call Sunday night.

Early in the morning of April 3, Joseph Daniels called 911 to report his son missing.

"My son has autism and we cannot find him."

During the four-minute phone call, Daniels struggled to provide the dispatcher with a clear description of the pajamas the boy was supposedly wearing, saying "my wife would know better than I would on that." He was, however, able to give a rough description of the boy's physical appearance, describing him (accurately) as about four feet tall and weighing about 65 pounds.

Daniels further explained to the dispatcher that his son has autism, describing him as "nonverbal" and talking about his bathing practices.

As to why he was missing, Daniels speculated to the dispatcher that Joe Clyde, whom Joseph described as having last seen the previous night (which is to say, late in the night of April 2), "must have just unlocked the door and got out."

In fact, say Tennessee authorities, the elder Daniels killed his son in the family's home and then hid the body.

BREAKING: Joe Clyde Daniels' father charged with criminal homicide. Said he killed Joe Clyde sometime on the night of April 3rd. Search continues for Joe Clyde's body

— FoxNashville (@FOXNashville) April 7, 2018

According to WZTV (Nashville), the elder Daniels confessed to authorities that he murdered the 5-year-old.

Specifically, according to a criminal complaint released to the media on Monday, the elder Daniels beat his son to death about the torso, head, and face with a closed fist until the boy died.

Further, he allegedly told investigators that after murdering the young boy, he put the body in his truck and "disposed of" it in a "remote area."

Meanwhile, hundreds of volunteers have spent the past several days combing the woods near the family's home, looking for the young boy's body. As of this writing, his body has not been found. Similarly, police have not released any possible motives in this crime.

Joseph Daniels, meanwhile, has been charged with murder. He is currently held on $1 million bail and is on suicide watch, authorities told the media.