Meghan Markle’s Body Language Shows ‘Deference’ To Her Man, Says Body Language Expert


Meghan Markle shows “deference” to her beloved Prince Harry, according to a “body language expert” who also claims that her postures and actions around her man reveal a couple that is madly, deeply in love, the Daily Mail is reporting.

Elizabeth Kuhnke, author of Body Language: Learn How To Read Others And Communicate With Confidence, studied photos of the Suits actress with Prince Harry and compared them to the small handful of photos that exist of her and her first husband, producer Trevor Engleson. She found some rather startling differences.

In case you weren’t aware, Meghan’s upcoming to marriage to Prince Harry won’t be her first. She’d probably rather that you forget about it, but she was married for a couple of years to Trevor Engleson. However, the marriage took place before she hit it big, and by 2013 she had moved out of L.A. and to Toronto, where Suits is filmed. The distance took a strain on their marriage, and they called it quits after two years, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Genuine vs. Forced Happiness

They probably weren’t very happy to begin with, says Kuhnke. In the few photos that managed to emerge from their two-year marriage, Trevor appears “stiff” and his smile appears “forced.”

Meghan’s smile is equally revealing.

“Although Meghan, too, is smiling and showing her teeth, her slightly dipped head, and tension in her forehead indicates some stress. Her smile appears more frozen, because her eyes – while open and engaged with the camera – are not congruent with her mouth.”

Compare that to recent photos of Harry and Meghan: they mirror each others’ movements, their shoulders are dipped, her head is tilted — all indicating comfort.

Harry and Meghan also reveal sexual attraction towards each other in their photos. It’s probably something the royal family would rather you didn’t talk about, but you can see in the photos that the two have strong sexual chemistry, says Kuhnke. They both stand with their legs apart — an indication of sexual compatibility. Other pictures reveal that Harry’s right hand, with his fingers splayed (another indication of sexual compatibility), rests near his waist.

“There is no missing his masculinity in this photo. His movements and gestures are strong, secure and sexual.”

“Deference” To Her Man

In what may come as shocking news to fans of the self-described feminist who, as a little girl, convinced Proctor & Gamble to change a commercial about women washing dishes, Meghan lets Harry take the lead.

Specifically, Kuhnke says, the way Meghan’s eyes gaze into Harry’s indicate that she’s looking to him for “guidance and support.” Whereas Prince Harry sometimes displays his hands in such a way that indicates overpowering masculinity, in other photos, he’s displaying his hands in such a way that indicates giving protection. And Meghan’s posture indicates that she’s accepting of it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding will take place on May 19.