Oprah Quits Show 9000 Penises Later

Oprah will announced on air Friday that she will be leaving her daytime talk show in September 2011 after 25 years on the air.

The show, which turned Oprah from a Chicago small time host to an international superstar, has seen a variety of stars appear on it over the years, while at the same time offering up a veritable freak show of guests, sort of Jerry Springer but more up market.

A spokesman for Oprah’s production company Harpo declined to say whether Oprah would be retiring completely, or appearing on air in new show. Speculation this year has suggested that she might appear on the Oprah network.

To many online, Oprah will be most fondly remembered for the lulz she provided after being trolled by claims that over 9000 penises were targeting children in the United States. “Over 9000” is an old meme that is commonly used for trolling. Here’s that classic moment again: