Prince William And Prince Harry Are The Original Rebel Royals: All Of Their Broken Rules Revealed

Eddie Mulholland - WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince William and Harry may be well behaved now that they’re older, but they definitely knew how to break a few rules back in the day. With William getting ready for the birth of his third baby and Harry set to tie the knot with Suits star Meghan Markle, here’s a look back at all the moments that make them the original rebel royals.

According to Cheat Sheet, William and Harry’s rebel streak began when they attended public school in the 1980s. When Princess Diana enrolled William at Jane Mynor’s nursery school, he became the first future King of England to attend public school. Diana may have been the driving force behind the move, but this marked the beginning of William and Harry’s rebel ways.

Members of the royal family adhere to a specific set of rules whenever they are engaging the public. One of the biggest rules is to avoid hugging, something William and Harry have both done at public engagements.

William’s first offense came in 2010 when he hugged a teenage girl during a charity gala while Harry hugged professional dart player Adrien Lewis at the World Darts Championship in 2011. William broke the rule again in 2016 when he gave Chewbacca a hug while touring the set of Star Wars.

When it comes to romance, both William and Harry have strayed away from royal tradition, especially in regards to PDA. In 2006, William confirmed his relationship with Kate Middleton when cameras caught them kissing on a ski trip. The moment was a major deal because you typically don’t see members of the royal family display affection in public.

Speaking of Middleton, William also strayed from royal protocol by marrying her. Middleton is considered a commoner because she doesn’t have any blood ties to the royal family. This made her an unsuitable match for William, especially considering how he will inherit the crown someday.

The same holds true for Harry, who is set to marry Meghan Markle on May 19. Not only is Markle a commoner, but she’s also an American celebrity.

In fact, the couple faced a lot of heat after announcing their romance, despite receiving the blessing from Queen Elizabeth II (who has also broken a few royal rules here and there).

As far as Harry is concerned, he’s built up quite the reputation as being the rebel of the family. After all, who can forget about the time he flew to Las Vegas and played strip pool inside his hotel room. This technically doesn’t break any specific rule in the royal handbook, but it was definitely an embarrassing moment for the family.

Harry also broke a role when he petted a dog in 2015 on the set of Britain’s Got Talent. Harry loved the winning dog, Matisse, so much that he ditched his security team to meet the dog in person.

Although most of these broken rules are in the past, there’s a chance that William and Harry break another rule this coming May.

Prince William broke royal protocol by naming Harry his best man back in 2011, and there’s a chance Prince Harry will do the same when he exchanges vows with Markle. Members of the royal family are supposed to have a supporter instead of a best man when they marry.