Elizabeth Hurley's Revealing Attire Around Teen Son Spawns Polarized Views Between Celebs

Elizabeth Hurley has a knock-out body for any age, which is what a couple of her fellow celebrities have expressed recently. The Royals star is 52-years-old and people continue to praise her for the age-defying feat of maintaining a bikini body that rivals women half her age.

That praise was interrupted recently by some negative comments when it was learned that her teen son Damian Hurley often takes those bikini shots of his mom. Those negative comments continued when Hurley posted a photo of herself in a rather revealing neckline while posing with her 16-year-old son on his birthday, according to the Economic Times.

Hurley's plunging neckline was one of the first things to pop out of that picture for many of the folks who commented on the Instagram photo. The Instagram post contained a few comments that called the Royals star's attire "inappropriate" for a mother-son birthday celebration. Others praised Hurley for looking so terrific for a woman in her 50s. It wasn't long after that when polarized camps started to emerge.

People online were brutal with comments on Hurley's appropriate vs. inappropriate attire. One commenter went as far as suggesting the actress was an "embarrassing mum," which was reported in a previous Inquisitr article.

This led to celebrities weighing in, with two famous faces from across the pond sounding off with their views on Hurley's mode of dress. These two women have "very strong opinions" and "very different views" on Hurley's risque attire, according to the Sun.

The famous columnist Stacey Solomon and TV personality Lizzie Cundy appear to represent these polarized views. Solomon shares her view -- "people are in a fluster about an actress's neckline while knife crime in London is worse than New York right now." In other words, why are people sweating the small stuff?

Stacy Solomon
Getty Images | John Phillips
Stacey Solomon In London.

Cundy weighed in by saying -- "I'm all for showing what you've got, and she has GOT it." She then goes on to say -- "BUT there is a time and a place for an outfit like that, and it isn't when you're celebrating your son's 16th birthday."

Solomon expressed how some people expect you to dress differently once becoming a mother and she doesn't understand the theory behind that. Many people commented that Hurley was stealing the limelight from her son by dressing this way on his birthday and Solomon calls this "utterly ridiculous."

Both Solomon and Cundy have sons and they have been known to wear revealing attire from time to time. Cundy is a mother of two sons. One of her boys is Damian Hurley's age and the other is just a bit older. She explains why Hurley's plunging neckline may not be the best attire for a teen son's birthday celebration.

Lizzie Cundy
Getty Images | Eamonn M. McCormack
Lizzie Cundy (center) at a London theater meeting with some of the cast.

Boys that age can get embarrassed by their mother's revealing attire and Cundy knows this all too well. She shared a story of how she wore "a see-through lace dress with a black bodice underneath" when she attended a party with her two sons.

Cundy said she met them at the event and it never occurred to her that her choice of outfit would cause her boys any angst. That was until her oldest turned to her and said, "Oh mum, you should have covered up a bit more, we're with you tonight." Cundy realizes that people may think she is "the pot calling the kettle black" after suggesting there's a time and a place for Hurley to dress like that, but she learned the hard way.

Cundy went on to say that she rarely dresses in revealing attire when she's with her boys. "You have to respect your sons and take their feelings into consideration, ESPECIALLY when their friends are about," said Cundy.

Hurley has clapped back at the negative comments about her son taking her bikini photos by saying he is a budding photographer and he actually enjoys the practice. According to People Magazine, Hurley also said that her son is "really good at it."

The bikini-clad pictures that were thought to have Damian behind the lens were taken while the mother and son were on a tropical vacation. Her supporters have reminded the critics that family members often take pictures of other family members when they are away on holiday.