LAPD Arrests Half-Naked Man Wrapped In American Flag Who Climbed 200-foot Hollywood Crane

Christopher FurlongGetty Images

Firefighters and police officer spent hours in a standoff after an unidentified man had climbed a 200-foot crane above Hollywood’s tourist district. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the shirtless man entered the construction site and climbed the crane sometime around 5 p.m. Sunday night. Several witnesses reported the incident a few minutes after the barefoot man reached the top of the crane. This prompted the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Urban Search and Rescue Program to rush to the scene.

The different departments gathered at the construction site in 6140 Hollywood Blvd and worked together to try and rescue the man and prevent him from falling. Rescuers placed air cushions on the ground in an attempt to rescue the man in case he jumped off or fell. Crisis negotiators were also on the scene and were trying to talk the man, who was now wrapped in an American flag, into climbing down the crane. Authorities also cut power to the crane to prevent the man from taking control of it. According to NBC, firefighters were apparently already in the process of launching aerial drones to properly assess the situation and to try to find a way to apprehend the man without risking his life. However, the man apparently started to climb partly down the crane, pausing on each level and shouting incoherently at the crowd below.

The unidentified man, believed to be in his early 30s, jumped onto the roof of another building that was still under construction. He then climbed onto one of the building’s scaffoldings in a likely attempt to escape arrest. Fortunately, LAPD officers were quick to respond and were able to subdue the man. He reportedly surrendered to the police without much resistance. The identity of the man was not immediately verified as he apparently did not have any form of ID on him. Officers are still trying to determine what prompted the man to climb the crane in the first place.

Paramedics on the scene immediately evaluated the man for any possible injuries. He was then taken to the nearest hospital for further exams and a mental evaluation. The man is likely going to be facing a misdemeanor charge of trespassing.