Man Allegedly Threw Seven-Month-Old Baby Against A Wall Because ‘He’s More Attached To His Mom Than Me’

Dane County Sheriff's Office

A man threw his seven-month-old baby against the wall because he felt the baby was more attached to his mother than him.

The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting that James E. Johnson was arrested and charged Friday with first-degree reckless injury.

The 19-year-old man in his police statement admitted that he threw his seven-month-old son against a wall because he was crying uncontrollably, refused to eat, and because he felt his son gravitated towards his mother more.

Police had been called to the Wisconsin apartment around 2:55 a.m. on Wednesday over an infant that was injured.

The police respondents had found the unresponsive baby breathing with difficulty. They also noticed that the child had bruises on his face and the left side of his head was swollen.

The infant’s mother had returned from work around 2:45 a.m. after Johnson had called, telling her that that the boy was unconscious.

The young mother said the call was prompted when she discovered bruises on her son’s face and an obvious gap at the back of his head.

Johnson said he tried to wake up his son for over an hour before he called his mother.

According to court documents, the seven-month-old child was in a significant amount of distress and had blood on his lips. The documents also went on to allege that police discovered damaged walls in the bedroom and found hair embedded in one of the walls.

A child-abuse pediatrician who examined the infant discovered that he had head swelling, bleeding on the brain, eye bruising, two skull fractures, and a bite mark on his cheek.

The doctor also found out that the baby had a liver laceration and had broken ribs in several places.

James Johnson threw baby against wall
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Johnson had claimed that he dropped his son while trying to feed him. The 19-year-old had alleged that was the reason why he was found in a coma.

When he was asked to explain the damage to the walls in the bedroom and how human hair was found on it, Johnson claimed he tossed his son on the bed, but he mistakenly hit the wall.

A criminal complaint filed against the 19-year-old also sought an explanation for how the seven-month-old boy got bitten on the cheek.

His father said it happened when he accidentally sunk his teeth into the baby while giving him a hug.

When the 19-year-old was told that his explanations did not tally with the injuries the baby had sustained, he admitted to losing his temper and throwing the child against a wall.

Johnson also admitted to detectives that he punched the infant repeatedly in the abdomen, mouth, and head. When he was asked why he lost control, his explanation was that “he’s more attached to his mom than he is to me.”

James E. Johnson appeared in court Friday and is being held on a $50,000 bond. He is expected back in court on April 12, per a report from Channel 3000.

Assistant District Attorney, Jessica Miller said the infant was in “guarded condition.”