North Korea Ready To Talk About Denuclearization, Confirms ‘Reuters’

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North Korea has finally told the United States for the very first time under Kim Jong-un’s leadership, they are prepared to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula when Kim meets U.S. President Donald Trump in the months (or probably weeks) to come, revealed by a U.S. official.

According to Reuters, on the condition of anonymity, the officials revealed that North Korea and the U.S. have held secret contacts in which the former directly confirmed their wish to hold a summit with the U.S. The official further revealed that intelligence officers from both countries are communicating through a backchannel, and have reportedly involved State Department officials.

The U.S. official declined to say exactly when the said communications had taken place, but a second official confirmed the news of North Korea’s desire of putting an end to their nuclear programs.

“The U.S. has confirmed that Kim Jong Un is willing to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

News of the talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un surprised many but apparently, this is not for the first time in recent months North Korea has shown their desire to discuss their policies with the United States of America.

Back in March 2018, South Korea’s national security chief Chung Eui-Yong revealed that after their meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the North has finally decided not to conduct any more of missile tests in the days to come.

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After the reports, it was officially announced that Kim Jong-un would like to enter into dialogue with President Donald Trump.

Earlier today, the official revealed that the unprecedented summit is slated to happen in May and it would be for the first time a sitting U.S. president will meet the leader of North Korea.

North Korea’s nuclear program

Ever since Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America, North Korea has accelerated their missile tests. Apparently, few of their ICBMs reportedly had the capability to carry a nuclear warhead. Despite the numerous missile tests, many specialists suggested that it will take more months for Kim Jong-un to finally become a nuclear superpower. However, a recent report from Time suggested that Kim’s nuclear program is reportedly complete.

A high ranking North Korean defector told Time that Kim Jong-un seems to be wilder than his former leaders of North Korea (Kim’s father and grandfather) and he has grown into a strategic thinker.

“It’s a move stemming from confidence after completing his nuclear weapons program — he’s seeking a deal.”


The confirmation from Pyongyang about the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un comes directly, rather than involving another country like China or South Korea. As The Associated Press reported, the confirmation has created more confidence within the American government about the “wisdom of holding such a meeting.”

As of now, an official confirmation from the White House is awaited.