Ohio Man Looks Gleeful And Excited In Mug Shot After Being Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend With Pizza

Kenneth Evans has an unusual look of surprise and happiness on his face while being photographed after his arrest for domestic violence.

Kenneth Evans was arrested and looks happy in his mug shot after a domestic violence involving pizza and his girlfriend
Trumbull County Sheriff's Office

Kenneth Evans has an unusual look of surprise and happiness on his face while being photographed after his arrest for domestic violence.

The mug shot expression on the face of Ohio man Kenneth Evans looks as though he just discovered he’d won the lottery or had walked into a surprise party thrown for him. This was not the case, however, as the image was taken as Evans was being booked into jail for domestic violence, which at one point allegedly involved a pizza.

Just days ago, Brookfield police were called to a home in Masury, a suburb of Cleveland, after Evans, 24, and a woman described as his girlfriend, 23, allegedly became involved in some sort of altercation, reports Fox News.

Police indicate the woman alleges that Evans had continually yelled at her, shoved her in the head, and then hit her in the face with a pizza – all while she was driving, according to the Fox News report.

A police report obtained by ABC News indicates when authorities arrived on the scene, officers observed tires in the street, could hear Evans yelling, and saw his girlfriend looking out through a window.

According to ABC News, police say they knocked on the door of the residence as the yelling continued, but no one answered. As officers attempted to open the door, they allege Evans slammed it shut. Law enforcement gained entry after announcing they were police officers and pushed the door open to find Evans, who police state appeared to be drunk.

Kenneth Evans was arrested and looks happy in mug shot after alleged domestic violence incident with women in Ohio in which she claims he threw pizza in her face
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Although still screaming, after one officer pointed a stun gun at Evans, he sat on the floor as police commanded, the report notes.

The police report also states that after speaking with the woman, who appeared to have a minor injury, authorities were told that Evans had attempted to fight with a neighbor, tossed tires into the street, destroyed a mailbox, and then flipped a couch in the residence, according to ABC News.

According to Fox News, the police report further states that Evans displayed extreme mood swings that included crying at one moment and then emphatically laughing moments later.

Evans is currently charged with domestic violence but was released from jail just a day after his arrest.

This is not the first time Evans has had a run-in with the law. According to the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office, in August of 2014 Evans was arrested for what his charge history calls, “Assault-Knowingly,” in addition to criminal damaging or endangering. In September of that same year, he was arrested again, but this time for simple assault, as well as criminal damaging or endangering.