NBA Rumors: Sixers Could Target Julius Randle, Tyreke Evans, And Wayne Ellington, Per 'Hoops Habit'

The Philadelphia 76ers are riding a wave they haven't felt in a while. Just two seasons ago, the Sixers were feeling the pain of just 10 wins in 2015. In 2016, they improved to 28 wins, and now, the team just celebrated their 50th with a victory against the Dallas Mavericks Sunday. But still, there's work to be done in the playoffs but most are waiting to see what they do in the off-season. With the possibility of LeBron James coming to Philly, the rumor mill is in full swing. However, LeBron is not the only name being tossed around, According to Gil Alcaraz IV of Hoops Habit, the Sixers could have their eyes on a few other players.

With no clue as to what the Sixers will do with J.J. Redick, the Sixers may need to look elsewhere for scoring from the perimeter. Alcaraz believes the team should make a play for Tyreke Evans, Wayne Ellington, and Julius Randle.

While Ellington is not one of the top names that come to mind when thinking players to help win a championship, neither was Redick. But a closer look will reveal that Ellington could easily step into the role vacated by Redick with his 38 percent shooting from three-point territory. While averaging just 11 points on the year, Ellington may see a higher volume of shots in the Sixers backcourt than he has in Miami.

The Julius Randle situation in Los Angeles is far from being worked out as the Lakers will try to do whatever they can to get LeBron James and Paul George there. This could be the opening the Sixers need. Alcaraz thinks that the Sixers would be wise to go after Randle due to the injury history of Joel Embiid. While Embiid has yet to play a full season, adding an insurance policy like Randle will be worth the money. Furthermore, Randle can push Dario Saric for a starting position at the power forward spot with his scoring, rebounding, and hustle.

AP Images | Chuck Burton)

Alcaraz would also go on to say that the Sixers could make a good decision going after Tyreke Evans. This season, Evans has turned his career around after dealing with injuries since entering the league in 2009. He has done a remarkable job for the Memphis Grizzlies while averaging 19.4 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 5.2 assists. Evans can play both guard positions and could also spell Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz if need be.