‘Shaken’ Melania Trump Has ‘Put Things In Perspective’ After Trump Tower Fire, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Carolyn KasterAP Images

A “shaken” Melania Trump has “put things in perspective” after news emerged that the Trump Tower fire claimed someone’s life. The fire that engulfed a portion of the Manhattan high rise in Midtown happened on Saturday around 5 p.m. The blaze resulted in the death of a man who lived on the 50th floor. Six others were injured.

A source told Hollywood Life that the first lady was “horrified” to learn that the tragedy resulted in a death.

“Melania was horrified to learn that there had been a death, in addition to a number of firefighters injured,” the source said. “That news really helped put things in perspective.”

Although Donald and Melania Trump weren’t at their Manhattan residence at the time the fire broke out, the website’s source contends that it was “terrifying nonetheless” for them.

Hollywood Life‘s insider added that the president and Melania were initially worried about the fire spreading to their apartment and the “irreparable damage to some very valuable and cherished possessions.” The couple then considered the lives of others, the source explained.

“However, upon hearing that there had been a fatality, any worries about material possessions paled in comparison,” the source continued.

The source went on to say that the Trump Tower fire served as a watershed moment of sorts for Melania Trump. She apparently took a closer look at her life and reevaluated what’s important to her.

The president and his wife are grateful to firefighters who responded to the blaze and are “praying for the speedy and full recovery of all those who were injured yesterday, in addition to sending their thoughts and prayers to the deceased resident’s family and loved ones — such a terrible tragedy.”

In regards to the fire, its exact cause is unknown. USA Today reports that no sprinkler system was installed. No other Trump family members were inside the 58-story building at the time of the fire. Trump Tower was completed in 1983, several years before property owners had to comply with regulations requiring sprinkler systems. However, if an older residential high-rise undergoes a significant renovation, property owners are required to add sprinkler systems.

It’s not elaborated upon what exactly Melania is reassessing in her life following the Trump Tower fire, but many might look to her marriage. She’s been the focal point of much debate and speculations on the heels of Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal alleging they had affairs with her husband in 2006. Divorce rumors continue to swirl in light of the scandalous headlines. A related report by Hollywood Life claims that Melania intends to stay in her marriage to Trump for the sole purpose of protecting their 12-year-old son, Barron, from more damaging publicity.

“Melania’s main focus and priority is the well-being of Barron, and she believes that a stable family environment, as much as that is possible given the circumstances, is the best thing for her son,” the source told the website.

The insider revealed that Melania Trump is looking beyond her own wants and needs in her marriage. Her decision to stay is to maintain as much stability for Barron as she can. It’s important to her that Barron be raised in a normal home as much as possible.