April 8, 2018
Catwoman Weds Batman, As DC Comics Gives Her A Solo Series

If you're a fan of Gotham, you've noticed that the series, based on the DC Comics Batman series, has made Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) a major character on the series. Much of the credit goes to Camren Bicondova, who has given the character new life. DC Comics is picking up on the renewed fascination with that feline antihero, giving her a new solo comic book series of her own, but not before she ties the knot.

Are Catwoman and Batman Finally Getting Hitched?

Bleeding Cool reported that a panel from the DC Comics Batman franchise was on hand at C2E2 to answer questions from fans. Since the audience was focused on the nuptials between Catwoman and Batman, the event revealed much about what comic book fans can expect in that regard. While the actual wedding takes place in issue 50 of Batman, the story arc leading up to it goes as far back as issue 44 with the plotting of Catwoman's wedding dress.

"I HAVE to design that dress," said DC artist Joelle Jones at the event. This won't be the first wedding gown Jones has designed for DC characters, so fans familiar with her work know what to expect.

As the C2E2 event shifted to a Q&A hotseat for the DC Comics team, they revealed more about the anticipated event, including the fact that fans can expect to see David Finch back. Though his appearance will only comprise a couple of pages in the issue, it's something of a gift to the fans.

Additionally, fans were eager to know if Selina Kyle's daughter would be attending the wedding. To that question, writer Tom King teased that the guest list was the most secretive aspect of the wedding. No clues will be given as to who will be attending that wedding.

Catwoman to Star in Her Own Comic Book Series

IGN reported that the Batman panel at C2E2 also revealed that Catwoman was going to get her own comic book series, which will tell her solo story. Joining the team responsible for the new series, which debuts on July 4 with Catwoman No. 1, will be Joelle Jones and colorist Laura Allred. Both artists have previously worked on the Batman series.

The series will start out just after the wedding from Batman issue 50 and will show Catwoman facing off a copycat burglar, who she must catch before the Gotham police force can nab her. The DC Comics panel also revealed that the new series will pit Catwoman against a new villain, though they wouldn't give details as to the identity of that villain.

For clues as to what we can expect in the Catwoman series, Joelle gave some insight. She has expressed an interest in portraying female characters as "awful" people, so that will affect her work on the new solo series. Additionally, Jones has said that Michelle Pfeiffer was her favorite on-screen Catwoman, so that may also influence how the character will be drawn in the new series.