NBA Rumors: James Dolan And Kanter Could Stop LeBron James From Joining Knicks, Per 'FanSided'

It's safe to say that LeBron James will be the most-coveted free agent this off-season. However, according to Quenton Albertie of King James Gospel, LeBron James will turn down the Knicks and take his talents elsewhere.

While that may be a blow to the Knicks' community, was it ever expected that he would actually join the Knicks?

According to reports, LeBron has four teams in mind during his free agency spree. The Philadelphia 76ers, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Houston Rockets. While Knicks fans made a valiant gesture with their banner this past week, there has been no mention of a possible LeBron signing on Broadway.

Albertie would go on to mention that James Dolan would be one of the reasons why LeBron will not consider the Knicks. While the Knicks are one of the NBA's most-storied franchises, Dolan is considered one of the worst owners in the league. One has to remember that LeBron and Carmelo Anthony are close friends. After what the Knicks did with Anthony, would LeBron really consider putting himself in that situation?

Another reason Albertie pointed out was Jeff Hornacek. While his offense may work with LeBron at the helm, there is still the issue of Hornacek butting heads with Kristaps Porzingis and even getting into a physical altercation with Joakim Noah this season. What superstar would want to deal with that? So far, that's two strikes against the Knicks and there's been no mention of the players yet.

AP Images | Andres Kudacki

What about the elephant in the room? Just this season, there was an intense exchange between LeBron, Enes Kanter, and Frank Ntilikina after LeBron made a comment that the Knicks should have selected Dennis Smith Jr. with their 2017 draft pick instead of Ntilikina. While there was some shoving on the court, maybe that could also stop LeBron from taking his talents to NYC. To go further into a possible divided locker room is that Kanter and LeBron have been taking shots at each other through social media all season.

LeBron is a player but he's also a star that carries a lot of weight with his name and achievements. If the Knicks are being serious about signing him and LeBron had thoughts of going there, then, according to Albertie, Kanter must be traded.

Madison Square Garden is still one of LeBron's favorite places to play but what's going on in their front office, the coach and a few of their players could be the reason LeBron will step over the Knicks and play for another team.