Melania Trump Reportedly May Never Divorce Donald Trump: ‘Yahoo’ Reports Rumors Why She Won’t Split

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As reports emerge surrounding President Donald Trump’s alleged affairs, some are speculating that it’s only a matter of time before his wife, Melania Trump, files for divorce. But despite the allegations that Trump had affairs with adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, a new report claims that Melania won’t ever divorce the president.

However, Melania’s refusal to split from Trump should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness or submissive acceptance of the president’s alleged affairs, say insiders cited by Yahoo. Even though Melania reportedly feels that Trump broke her one don’t-go-there rule for marriage by humiliating her with his alleged mistresses, the sources claim that Donald’s wife won’t file those divorce papers anytime soon — and regardless of what happens, she may stand by her man forever.

“Insiders say those wondering what Melania’s next step will be should wonder no more – she’s staying put.”

Throughout her 12-year marriage to Trump, Melania has been photographed smiling in designer attire through highs (hello, Mr. President) and lows (the claims that Trump was sexist and had mistresses during their marriage). But the insiders insist that loyalty isn’t the reason for Melania’s apparent ability to ignore Trump’s alleged affairs.

Despite the '60 Minutes' spotlight on adult film star Stormy Daniels's alleged affair with Donald Trump, Melania Trump reportedly won't split.
Despite the '60 Minutes' spotlight on adult film star Stormy Daniels's alleged affair with Donald Trump, Melania Trump reportedly won't split.Featured image credit: Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

Melania Trump’s Rumored Real Reason For Not Divorcing Donald Trump Revealed

According to the sources, the first lady won’t divorce the president because of the first son, Barron Trump.

“It’s not loyalty to her husband that’s keeping her in the marriage…it’s the couple’s 12-year-old son.”

Beyond the sources cited by Yahoo, Melania’s spokeswoman Stephanie Clifford has shared that the first lady is focusing on her life as a mother. Clifford described Melania as “focused on being a mum and is quite enjoying spring break at Mar-a-Lago while working on future projects.” She also asked those who speculated to recognize that a child is involved.


Donald Trump’s wife is aware of the stress that her son feels living life in the goldfish bowl that is the White House, a source told Hollywood Life. And the insider named Barron as the main reason why Melania won’t divorce Donald.

Melania Trump Reportedly Angry About Affair Allegations

Although the 47-year-old first lady is thought to be irate about the alleged affairs that her 71-year-old presidential husband reportedly enjoyed, she feels that “a stable family environment is the best thing” for Barron, explained the source.

“Anybody that’s expecting Melania to leave Donald and file for divorce is in for a long wait.”

The insider described the past months as “incredibly stressful for Barron.” Pushed into the spotlight regardless of what he may secretly desire, the public life that he is leading has resulted in “a lot of stress,” added the source.

Melania supported Trump during his presidential campaign and in recent months. She is fulfilling her first lady duties, such as posing with the president for Instagram photos of their life at the White House.

But while fulfilling her public responsibilities as the first lady, Melania is always aware of how the public spotlight is affecting her son, according to the insider.

“[Melania Trump] has gone out of her way to try to provide [Barron] with as regular a home life as she’s able to,” said the source. “Melania is an amazing mom, and she would literally die for her son.”

The first lady reportedly recognizes that she has the power to file for divorce, particularly as the reports about Trump’s alleged affairs continue to flood the media. She would have no worries about “money or status” if she did leave, pointed out the insider.

“She refuses to take the easy way out if it means it could cause Barron any kind of upset, so she has vowed to tough it out and stay with Donald, no matter what,” summed up the source.