Melania Trump Humiliating Jab May Get Jimmy Kimmel Plucked From 50,000-Plus Living Rooms

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Humiliating jokes about Melania Trump have spawned a boycott of Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, which is one of the messages being sent by an army of people banding together online defending Melania today. The other part of that message, which is mentioned in an online petition, is meant for the powers-that-be when it comes to keeping Kimmel on the air.

While Kimmel has offered numerous jokes about Melania Trump and the Trump family, it is “specifically” the jokes about Melania’s accent that appears to have struck a raw nerve with viewers, according to Fox News. It appears the last straw came during Kimmel’s show on Monday via a Melania Trump jab. This is when he mocked Melania Trump reading the Easter book to the children at the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Kimmel flippantly tossed out his quip of “Dees and dat,” which was his impression of Melania’s pronunciation of “this or that.” Fox News suggests that Kimmel’s targeting of Melania Trump “seems to contradict the network’s recent assertions that it has captured the hearts of middle America since launching the rebooted Roseanne sitcom.”

People have signed an online petition vowing to boycott Kimmel’s show as “Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes about the first lady Melania Trump are striking a nerve with viewers,” according to Fox News. That army is over 50,000 strong and growing in number as more signatures to this petition are added by the hour.

The petition set out with the goal of accruing 50,000 signatures and a message conveying “We Hit Our Goal!” recently went up on the petition site. The numbers are still growing as people flock to this petition as a way of having their voices heard.

The next step is to send it off to the studio, which will reportedly happen on Monday. According to the site, the petition “will be sent to “the front door of Disney/ABC Studios” Burbank, California.” That will happen “FIRST THING Monday morning,” according to that message.

The petition cited Jimmy Kimmel’s actions on his Monday night show as “true bigotry,” which is how it describes Kimmel mocking Melania Trump reading that book to the kids. The petition message goes on to say how, in the past, Kimmel has “claimed to be loving and accepting of all immigrants, but he openly made fun of her accent and his crowd laughed along.” They referred to Kimmel’s joke as a “disgusting attack” on the first lady of this nation and it appears that more than 50,000 people agreed with this.

According to Fox News, the creators of the petition say that they “may not get him kicked off the air,” by sending this petition to the studio, “but we can send a message that these attacks on our First Lady will NOT be tolerated!” It looks like more than 50,000 viewers vowed not to tune-in to Kimmel’s show by signing that petition.