Woman Holds Own Heart After Successful Transplant In Viral Photo

This woman is literally holding her own heart in her hands.

An image of a woman only known as “Penny” has been going viral over the past several days due to its quirky uniqueness. After a transplant procedure and a harrowing battle with cancer, Penny poses with a surgical mask and gloves, quite cheerfully holding her own heart.

Her friend, Kelsey, posted it to her Imgur account.

The Telegraph reports that Penny how has a new fully-functioning heart following her operation. Doctors apparently allowed Penny to take a photograph holding her own heart after the operation before it was cremated. According to her friend’s profile, Penny wanted to take her own heart home with her, but doctors wouldn’t allow it.

“[Penny] is holding her own heart. She has survived cancer and crippling heart failure and never lost hope,” Kelsey wrote along with the image.

“She wanted to keep it but they wouldn’t let her! I said the same thing. It had to be cremated but she kept the ashes,” she continued.

The Sun reports that the risks that go along with a heart transplant have gone down in recent years due to medical advancement. Patients are required to stay in a hospital for up to two weeks, but recovery time normally takes months depending on the health of the patient.

Penny will have to take immunosuppressants to keep her body from rejecting the donated heart.

Here’s the picture of Penny holding her own heart. What do you think?

woman holds own heart