N.Y. Mom Allegedly Decapitated Her 7-Year-Old Son With Kitchen Knife -- Police Cannot Find A Motive

Police officers went to a home in Upstate New York on Thursday night after receiving several 911 calls from that location reporting a suicidal woman with a knife. Once at the scene, police officers used different tactics in an attempt to get the woman to drop the knife, including using pepper spray and a Taser.

Hanane Mouhib, 36, was eventually taken into custody after police got the knife away from her. The officers then searched the house, which is when they found the body of Mouhib's 7-year-old son, Abraham Cardenas.

The young boy had been stabbed in the back, and his head was severed from his body with a knife. The knife was used to make several cuts at the base of his head, according to reports. His mother, Hanane Mouhib, is now being charged with murder, according to WWLP Channel 22 News.

According to authorities, Mouhib is being held without bail for this crime. At a press conference Friday afternoon, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter described the scene. He said three police officers arrived at the home after receiving 911 calls from the address.

The court documents describe Mouhib allegedly using "a large-bladed kitchen knife to intentionally stab [the boy] in the upper-left area of the back." She then allegedly cut the boy's neck, severing his head from his body.

Police reported there were three other people in the home at the time they arrived at the house, which is located on Lake Road in Sweden, New York. Mouhib's husband and mother, along with Abraham's 10-year-old brother were in the home as Mouhib was arrested.

The three family members have been taken to an "undisclosed location," reported WHAM Local ABC News. Police arrived at the house at about 4:20 p.m. where they found Mouhib with a knife. Baxter said that there didn't seem to be any signs of a struggle or fight in the home.

What is frustrating in this case is the motive or rather a lack of one, reported Baxter. There appears to be no indication as to why this mother decided to kill and decapitate her 7-year-old son allegedly. He said there are "zero indicators" to suggest there was a religious-based motive and "zero indicators" to suggest this killing had to do with something cultural.

Police have answered two 911 calls made from this location over the last month, and Mouhib made both those calls. Back on March 5, Mouhib called and asked for help relating to her mental health. She reported she was having difficulty with a mental health-related problem at the time.

Her second call came on March 8, which resulted in her being admitted to Rochester General Hospital on that day and she remained there until March 26, when she was discharged home. It was just a little more than a week later that she was charged with the murder of her son, whose body was found decapitated.

Mouhib worked as a nurse practitioner at the Rochester Mental Health Center from January 2016 to January of 2017. She graduated from nursing school back in 2011 from the College at Brockport.