Madonna's Reinvention As Skincare Guru With Kim Kardashian Disappoints Fans

Daryl Deino

If Madonna ever listened to what other people said she should do, she would probably still be in Michigan somewhere, wishing she would have pursued her dream of becoming a dancer. But Madonna always follows her own boat -- and she has been loved and hated for it for 35 years. However, her reinvention as a skincare spokesperson has upset some fans who think she should be sticking to making music.

On Friday, fans were excited when they found out she would be interviewed by E! Online. Would she talk about her new music? Would she talk about her new movie? Apparently, not.

"The biggest challenge is getting the story out there—where does this line come from and why it is important to me, that it's not a vanity project, why I developed it in the first place and connecting to people on a human level," Madonna told the online site about her new makeup brand MDNA Skin.

The Queen of Pop added that the ingredients of her product are important and that the hero ingredient of the line is thermal water that comes from Tuscany. And she promoted her skincare line on Instagram with a clip of her talking about beauty with Kim Kardashian.

"Who's great idea was it for YOU To Team Up With Reality Star KK? That person should ALSO get Fired!!" exclaimed Ricanlifestyle.

"She just doesn't let up hocking out this skincare. What's next, QVC?" asked Anthony.pisano.

Madonna then turned to Facebook to promote her skincare line. The fans commenting after the post were even more angry than they were on Instagram.

"I swear Madonna has no idea what is her real job. She is the best selling female artist ever for god sake, somebody should reminds [sic] her for it," said one commenter.

"Why do not you focus on the album instead of thinking about these useless creams? We want the album and the tour... not the creams!!! Hurry up!" shouted another.

Perhaps Madonna's fans won't have to complain much longer. Madonna has started to work on new music. According to the Independent, the singer recently complained about "songwriting camps."

"Can you help me now please!! Remember when i [sic] made records with other artists from beginning to end and I was allowed to be a visionary and not have to go to songwriting camps where no one can sit still for more than 15 minutes," she said in a post to her manager while hinting she was working on new music at the same time.

Besides music, it looks like Madonna's directing career is about to take off. According to Deadline, Madonna has been chosen by MGM Studios to direct the movie Taking Flight, which is about Sierra Leone orphan-turned-ballerina, Michaela DePrince. Camilla Blackett, the main writer for the show Fresh off the Boat, will write the screenplay. It looks like the next couple years are going to busy for Madonna, and her fans can hardly wait.