Jill Duggar Makes Baby Israel Make His Own Birthday Cake, Derick Dillard Missing In Instagram Post

Jill DillardInstagram

Jill Duggar has been in the news lately for her odd treatment of her sons. This continued on baby Israel’s third birthday when she captured her son making his own birthday cake. The Dillards are currently away from home in the state of Colorado where Derick Dillard’s family lives, so it looks like they had to change a lot of the way they celebrate birthdays.

The last time that the 25-year-old Duggar was put on the spot was when she walked one hour and 10 minutes with a toddler and a baby to Chick-Fil-A. In the Instagram post, she captured Israel looking fatigued with his head down on the stroller.

“You know you’re a mom when… you walk 1hr. 10 min with both boys to get to a @chickfila,” she wrote in the caption. “We were enjoying some beautiful Colorado Springs weather while papa was busy with the rest of the team from church!”

In the comment section, some Counting On fans expressed their concern about making a 3-year-old boy walk for such a long period of time in the sun.

On top of the long journey for fast food, Jill Duggar revealed on the Dillard family blog that her son made his own birthday cake.

“What are you doing, Israel?” she asks in the video.

“I’m making my birthday cake,” he replies as he attempts to open a Jiffy box to pour into a mixing bowl.

“Yay!” Jill exclaims.

Also, the picture that she chose to upload on her Instagram to celebrate her eldest son’s birthday did not have all her family members in it. Her husband, Derick Dillard, was missing.

The 29-year-old husband has been busy in Colorado, where he has been working with his church from Arkansas. However, he has been able to take time off his busy schedule to create new memories with his wife.

“Scandal-plagued Derick Dillard shared a photo of himself kissing wife Jill Duggar on top of a mountain in Colorado,” reports Radar Online. “On Friday, the fired Counting On husband and father posted the picture on Instagram while he is traveling in the rocky mountain state with Jill.”

Right before Israel’s birthday, the couple went on a hiking excursion and made sure to take a picture that got their followers talking on Instagram. In fact, Derick managed to caption his photo in such a way that shocked Counting On fans yet again, saying that he got “high” with Jill.

Colorado is one of the states in which recreational use of marijuana is legal.

The next birthday that the Dillards will celebrate is Jill’s, which is on May 17.