Only nine years late: PlayStation 2 launches in Brazil

Firstly, I must apologise, for I’m a day late with this story. Then again, my tardiness pales when stood next to that of Sony. The company launched its PS2 console in Japan, North America, and Europe in 2000, and brought the console to Brazil … uh, yesterday. Sucks to be Brazil.

Brazilian gamers wanting a slice of the hot 32-bit action can expect to pay out R$799 for a console, or around USD$465. The system is set to launch with 14 games, including such cutting-edge gems as Gran Turismo 4 and God of War II.

To put that R$799 price tag in perspective, a non-specialized worker who works 50 hours a week will make around R$500 – R$1500 a month in São Paulo, the priciest city in the country.

Game piracy is big in Brazil – now, can anyone guess why?

[Gizmodo Brazil, via Kotaku]