Serial Drunk Driver Described As ‘Country’s Worst DUI Offender’ Arrested Again

Olmsted County Adult Detention Center

Attendants at a gas station in Riverside, Illinois, called the police earlier this week and reported that there was a drunk woman passed out inside her car. When officers finally arrived at the scene, they came upon an alert woman sitting in her car and rambling about where her kids were. The woman was apparently stuck because she had poured kerosene into her fuel tank instead of gasoline.

As reported by the Washington Post, the woman was spotted visibly drunk with bloodshot eyes. She also didn’t have any shoes on, and her clothes were in disarray. Officers also noticed that there was an open bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey that was inside her vehicle. The woman was later identified as Tasha Lynn Schleicher. The 41-year old mother, who is originally from New Hope, Minnesota, kept telling officers that she was looking for her children. She apparently couldn’t find all 11 of them.

Witnesses at the scene revealed to officers that she arrived at the gasoline station alone and that there were no children in the car. After Schleicher refused to take a sobriety test and did not cooperate with the officers, she was arrested and taken into custody. Police officers later found out that Schleicher had standing warrants in three separate states, namely in Idaho, Nebraska, and Oregon.

A background check also revealed that Schleicher was already arrested six times for drunk driving in six separate states. She was previously arrested for DUI in California, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oregon, and Wisconsin. It was also found that Schleicher does have 11 children, which immediately prompted officers to look for them. However, an earlier article published by the Rochester Post Bulletin revealed that she had lost her children to child services because of her previous DUI arrests.

In October of last year, Schleicher was involved in a vehicular accident after she rammed her car into a median cable barrier in Rochester, Minnesota. The woman was reportedly driving drunk with her five kids and was swerving erratically at highway speeds. She was reportedly found at the scene breastfeeding her baby.

Schleicher has already been charged with two counts of misdemeanor drunken driving, two counts of felony aggravated drunken driving, driving with a revoked license, and driving without vehicle insurance. Officers who had arrested the woman described her as being “one of the worst DUI offenders” in the country.