Man, 60, Gets Lengthy, Tangled Phone Charging Cable ‘Stuck In His Penis’ That He Inserted To ‘Scratch An Itch’


A man recently got a phone charging cable “stuck in his penis” after he had inserted the three-foot-long phone accessory in an attempt to “scratch” an intense internal itch. According to the Sun on Friday, the 60-year-old Chinese OAP, old age pensioner, had walked into a hospital in China last Friday with the lengthy and tangled cable “hanging between his legs.”

The article goes on to say that staff at the Dalian Central Hospital, located over 500 miles southeast of the capital city of Beijing, were reportedly “stunned” when the man walked into the building and even more stunned to find out that the dangling cable was stuck in the man’s penis. According to the report, the Chinese man, who prefers to remain anonymous, admitted to inserting the cable into his penis to try to relieve an itch in his urethra.

The “embarrassed” Chinese patient reportedly told the urologist who took his case that he had simply found the longest and thinnest flexible object “he could find” to shove up his penis in order to “relieve the itchiness,” allegedly caused by an inflamed prostate, according to the Daily Mail. Later on, the man could not successfully remove the cable, that was exactly 3.28 feet in length, without medical assistance.

“The cable tied a knot in the bladder and caused bleeding when the man tried to pull it out himself.”


The Daily Mail also reported that the phone charging cable measured less than half an inch in width and had become entangled with the man’s bladder — actually tying a knot inside the bladder. The urologist explained that the knot would become tighter every time the man tried to pull the round charging cable out of his penis, which also caused “bleeding in the bladder.”

In an interview, the man reportedly told reporters that he had learned a lesson “from the incident” and would not be inserting a phone charging cable into his penis again — especially, not an unsterile phone charging cable.

An article on the Metro on Thursday quoted the man as saying that he “didn’t disinfect it,” but he did wash “it a bit.”

After removing the cable from the man’s penis, using laser surgery to cut the knot out of his bladder, the urologist said that the man was “lucky” that he had not inserted any “metal” or “hard” objects that would have impaled the bladder.


According to the previously-mentioned report on Metro, the Chinese man had managed to shove more than 16 inches of the phone charging cable into his penis, urethra, and bladder, as he had walked into the hospital on March 30 with only 20 inches of the cable “still hanging” between his legs. The urologist was reportedly able to remove 11 inches of the phone cable by “burning through the knot,” while removing the remaining eight inches from his bladder using a cystoscope.

The Metro shows a photo of the phone charging cable after it had successfully been pulled from the man’s penis and bladder in two lengthy sections, adding that the OAP “is not expected to suffer any long-term effects” from the stunt. The unidentified man had actually managed to insert several more inches of the phone cable into his penis than what is even recommended when inserting a male catheter, as noted by an article on Nursing Center. According to the urologist, “getting it in there” was “easy.”