Donald Trump Reportedly Drags Paris Hilton Into Stormy Daniels Alleged Affair Drama, Reports ‘The Blast’

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Paris Hilton, President Donald Trump, and his alleged mistress, 39-year-old adult film actress Stormy Daniels, just became the most unlikely trio to star in a legal situation. The bizarre uniting of Paris, Trump, and Stormy took place because Trump is reportedly doing everything that he can to battle Stormy’s defamation lawsuit — and Hilton’s legal past provided a way to boost the odds in 71-year-old President Donald Trump’s favor.

Stormy’s side is claiming that she was defamed by Michael Cohen’s hints that Daniels lied regarding her alleged affair with Trump. In contrast, Trump’s side is contending that Cohen’s comments were made within the protection of free speech laws — and that’s where Paris Hilton comes in. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Paris Hilton‘s own legal past can be exploited as a way to cite legal precedent in the battle of President Trump versus Stormy Daniels.

Paris Hilton’s ‘That’s Hot’ Catch Phrase Sets Legal Precedent For President Donald Trump’s Lawsuit Battle

One of Donald Trump’s lawyers previously represented Paris. That attorney, Brent Blakely, is reportedly using his experience with Hilton to battle Stormy’s defamation lawsuit. Based on the precedent established in his legal case with Paris, Blakely reportedly feels that he can win Daniels’ defamation claim in the battle of the adult film star versus President.

Hilton, 37, is famed as a socialite and for her co-starring role in The Simple Life with Nicole Richie.


In arguing the case, Trump’s lawyer contended that free speech protects Michael Cohen’s statements, which Blakely believes were made as part of a “public issue.” The debate centers around the legal precedent established in Paris Hilton V. Hallmark Cards et al. Trump’s lawyer represented Paris during that battle, and he won.

For Hilton, the legal drama ended quickly. Hallmark was using Paris’ favored phrase, “That’s Hot,” to put on greeting cards. Paris successfully showed that the enormous greeting card company had stolen her catchy personalized statement, and the battle was over. Trump’s lawyer reportedly believes that his success in the Hilton versus Hallmark Cards war can be replicated in the battle involving the President and his alleged mistress.

Paris Hilton is one of the most famous members of the Hilton Hotel dynasty.
Paris Hilton is one of the most famous members of the Hilton Hotel dynasty.Featured image credit: Matt SaylesAP Images

Don’t Underestimate Power Of Using Paris Hilton’s Name

While Hallmark Cards learned a lesson in the court of public law about using Paris Hilton’s name (and fondness for saying “That’s hot!”) without her permission, Trump’s attorney reportedly feels that he can make use of Hilton’s name to demonstrate a legal precedent. Beyond using Paris against Stormy to prove that legal precedent favors his side, Trump’s lawyer allegedly is using Hilton to show that he has already succeeded in court with a celebrity, pointed out The Blast.

“[Donald Trump’s lawyer] is possibly using Paris’ name like a legal hammer against Stormy and her attorney by showing that he already has the legal precedent in his favor, and also to make it clear that he’s got practice navigating the legal arena with a powerful, very public client.”

While Trump’s side is using Paris Hilton, Stormy Daniels turned the spotlight on her team through her highly publicized 60 Minutes interview. The Washington Post reported that Stormy Daniels expanded her lawsuit just one day after the TV interview, bringing Michael Cohen and defamation allegations into the already heated legal battle.