‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Alycia Debnam-Carey Says Season 4 Will Play With Time In A Completely Different Way

Elizabeth WeinbergAMC

Already, with the news that Morgan (Lennie James) will be crossing over directly from Season 8 of The Walking Dead to Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, fans are expecting a massive time jump. However, one of Fear’s stars, Alycia Debnam Carey (who plays the main character, Alicia), has said that the way time is played with in Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead will be like nothing she has ever seen before in the world of The Walking Dead.

So far, in previous seasons of Fear the Walking Dead, fans have seen a gradual decline of civilization as the zombie apocalypse struck. As Alicia Debnam-Carey pointed out to Digital Spy, so far the world has moved in “minute terms” in regard to character development. Now, with the arrival of Season 4 and the time jump required to get Fear up to speed with the current timeline of The Walking Dead, it will mean that viewers will get to see more dramatic changes in the characters.

“You get to see Alicia in very different points of who she is as a character and then in time and they’re very, very different, they’re filmed very differently, they look very different.”

While Debnam-Carey didn’t specify what these changes would be in relation to her character, Alicia, she did suggest that the way in which AMC will play with time in Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead will be different to anything seen before in the franchise.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 4, Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark and Frank Dillane as Nick Clark
Featured image credit: Richard Foreman, JrAMC

“It’s something I’ve never seen attempted in any of the Walking Dead universes but even really on any other TV show at the moment,” Debnam-Carey explained to Digital Spy.

However, some fans are concerned that with the massive time jump, as they will not be as vested in the characters if they change too dramatically. After all, many viewers prefer the slow burn of Fear that develops the characters slowly in order to move the story forward. With a massive time jump, fans will lose the appeal of immersing themselves in the characters and their lives. It will seem like they have suddenly changed and evolved. And, for those who watch The Walking Dead, it will be possible these changes will not be kind to the characters. For example, many fans of The Walking Dead can empathize with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and justify the decisions he has made in recent seasons. However, perhaps this would not be the case if viewers had seen a time jump from Season 3 of The Walking Dead to the current one and had not seen Rick evolve into the person he is today.

Alycia has indicated there will be plenty of time hopping in the first half of Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, indicating AMC will, hopefully, ease the transition between the characters we saw in the Season 3 finale and those that will be presented in the Season 4 premiere.

Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on Sunday, April 15, at 10 p.m. EST.