Conor McGregor Wanted By NYPD After Bizarre Attack On Bus Filled With UFC Fighters [Video]

Isaac BrekkenAP Images

Despite reports that UFC President Dana White claims Conor McGregor does have a warrant out for his arrest, there appears to be no warrant at this time. McGregor is wanted for questioning by police after he was seen on video attacking a bus filled with UFC fighters, but a police spokesperson reports there is no warrant.

Earlier today the NYPD requested McGregor come into the station for questioning after he was caught on video smashing the windows of a bus filled with UFC fighters. One of those fighters emerged bloody and injured after the attack. While there is no warrant for McGregor issued at this time, that may change if he refuses to show up to speak with authorities, reports MMA Junkie. It is not known if Conor has made his way in to speak with the police as of this writing.

According to TMZ, they now have a video that shows McGregor picking up a dolly and smashing the window on the side of the bus. TMZ also spoke with Dana White who told them that Michael Chiesa was “cut to pieces” and he is currently in the hospital with those injuries. At this time it’s unclear if he will be able to fight as planned at UFC 223.

Rose Namajunas was also on the bus that McGregor attacked and she “almost broke her hand.” She was described as being “very shaken up” during the attack, according to TMZ. The preliminary reports indicated that while the people on the bus believed it was Conor who broke the window, it was unclear who actually did this. The video that emerged of this attack after those initial reports “shows” McGregor with that dolly smashing the window, reports TMZ.

A member of McGregor’s entourage is reportedly the one who smashed the front window of that bus. Conor was finally restrained by others on the scene from doing more damage after grabbing a chair and attempting to smash another window, reports TMZ. According to the New York Times, the video “showed McGregor running while holding a large object, then toppling nearby garbage cans.” The police said McGregor had thrown “various items,” during this brawl but he “fled before officers arrived.”

The incident occurred before UFC 223 at Barclays Center, according to the New York Times. They describe McGregor with about 10 other people entering the Brooklyn arena around 1:30 on Thursday. McGregor picked up a hand truck and threw it at the bus, causing the injury to the UFC fighter who was hit with broken glass.

At this point, McGregor is wanted for questioning and no warrant has been issued for his arrest, according to a spokesperson for the New York Police Department, Sophie Mason. The video that documented this attack was taken by UFC fighter Felice Herrig.

White told reporters that McGregor and his entourage gained access into the arena through a “credentialed website.” White also said,

“They stormed the building, got down to the loading docks where the fighters were getting on buses and started to attack the buses with trash cans, dollies. This is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened in the history of this company.”