April 5, 2018
Melanie Griffith's Bikini-Clad Daughter Mirrors Mom's Bikini Pose From 1984 Movie [Photos]

When folks talk about Melanie Griffith's daughter it is usually Dakota Johnson who is the topic of that conversation due to her fame from the 50 Shades film franchise. Melanie has a younger daughter, Stella Banderas, who is turning some heads today with a recent photo posted online.

Dakota is Melanie's daughter from her marriage to Don Johnson, and her acting in the steamy 50 Shades movies has earned her much attention. Melanie's younger daughter, Stella, whose father is Antonio Banderas, is the one getting all the attention in the headlines today, reports Hola! The buzz started when Stella posted a photo on Instagram on Tuesday that shows her in a vintage-inspired nude lace bikini.

This photo of a bikini-clad Stella caused folks to do a double-take, as the normally blond younger daughter is now sporting brunette hair in this picture. She looks so much like her older sister, Dakota, that it took more than a quick glance to figure out which one of Melanie's daughters was striking the pose.

What really caught the eye of the masses was Stella's pose, which mirrors a photo of her mom from a 1984 movie she did. Melanie posted a throwback picture on Instagram last year that showed her in a similar position. According to reports, this is the same pose that her daughter appears to be mimicking in this new picture seen below.

Melanie's throwback picture depicts her in the acting role as "mysterious seductress Holly Body" from the 1984 movie, Body Double. Hola! suggests if you look past the mullet-like hairdo and the retro leotard, both the mother and the daughter are "seen in almost the exact same pose."

Both Melanie and Stella are gazing off into the horizon with one of their legs "higher than the other." They both have their shoulders elevated while leaning back on their arms. Hola! says this new picture has Stella striking "the exact same pose" as her mother demonstrated a few decades ago. Of course, there are many differences as well, including the location.

The pictures show how both mother and daughter have a way with the camera. Both Melanie and Stella's Instagram pages are filled with family photos and individual pictures of them posing in different venues. Back in 2008, Melanie, Dakota, and Stella posed for a family picture, which is seen below.Stella posed for a photo with her dad, which Melanie had posted on her Instagram account.Melania and her daughters are seen from a picture that was taken in "circa 2001," according to the Body Double actress. Both Melanie's daughters are natural blonds, but they've changed their hair color. The two young women are sporting a light brunette head of hair these days. When Stella changed her hair color recently, the two sisters resemblance really stood-out, suggests Hola!