Amazon Optimizes MP3 Store For iPhone, iPod Touch

In its every growing attempt to overtake Apple iTunes, Amazon on Thursday rolled out an optimized version of its MP3 web store for iPhone and iPad touch devices.

Amazon MP3 store buyers can still download tracks directly to their iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but those tracks will also automatically store inside their Amazon Cloud Player for access across various mobile and desktop based devices.

When backed up on a computer, customers will then have the option to add their tracks to the iTunes application, thus subverting iTunes purchases.

The new optimized iOS version of the Amazon MP3 store is built on HTML5 and offers several additions including promotional sections for recommendations and information about album and song sales.

The Amazon MP3 store is run on HTML5 because the company would have been forced to pay a 30 percent revenue to Apple if a native application was used to power the storefront. Apple could also have denied the app access to the Apple App Store since it would have been in direct competition with the company’s own iTunes application.

Amazon has been making huge strides in its fight against Apple iTunes. Last week, the company announced Amazon Auto Rip, a program that adds current and past purchases to a users Amazon Cloud Player for instant access everywhere.

Amazon is also taking on the video streaming industry with various Amazon Instant Video deals currently processed for distribution.

Do you think Amazon can win the video and music streaming businesses through relentless innovation?