Theresa & Larry Caputo Living On Separate Coasts During Split, According To 'People'

Mandy Robinson

Last season on Long Island Medium it came out that Theresa and Larry Caputo have called it quits. They have moved on from each other, and now People is sharing that Theresa and Larry are living on separate coasts during their split. Theresa talked to Extra and explained that they are not living near each other right now. It has to be hard to work on their relationship from across the country.

Theresa Caputo is in New York, and she said that Larry is in Los Angeles right now. That makes it really hard for them to work on their relationship. Theresa admits that they are taking it day by day. It doesn't sound like they are ready for a divorce yet or to get back together. After being married for 28 years, everyone was shocked when the couple decided to call it quits.

Another thing that Theresa Caputo shared is that this is a big "adjustment" for her, but she is doing "okay." It can't be easy going through a public split like this. They are going to have to work through their issues or call it quits at some point, but for now, they are just seeing how it all goes. Fans have made it obvious they are hoping they will get back together and that they miss having Larry on the show.

As seen in her Instagram post, Theresa Caputo is on tour again. This has to keep her pretty busy, and that will help keep her mind off what is going on in her personal life. If you check out her schedule, then you may get a chance to see Theresa Caputo in a town near you. This is really the only way that you will get a reading of your own from her.