April 5, 2018
Barack And Michelle Obama Called Upon To Help Melania Trump By Using Their Influence In Hollywood

The Fox & Friends hosts were not at all impressed by Jimmy Kimmel's ripping impression of Melania Trump, which included the late-night show host mocking her Slovenia accent. Ainsley Earhardt pointed out that if Kimmel had done this to Michelle Obama, the mainstream media would be all over this condemning his actions.

During the morning show, Earhardt discussed Kimmel's antics mocking Melania Trump. "If he had done this to Michelle Obama... all the mainstream media would have him on there, if he were conservative, saying he's a racist," the morning host said. Kimmel showed a clip of Melania Trump reading to the children during the recent Easter Egg Roll event at the White House. When the clip was over, Kimmel did an impression of the First Lady by imitating her accent.

The outrage over Kimmel's inappropriate joke was just not there -- as it would have been if it were Michelle Obama he was mocking on his show, noted Fox & Friends. Earhardt even attempted to point out the lack of empathy for the First Lady. She asked folks to put themselves in Melania Trump's place and then imagine how this would feel. According to the Hill, Earhardt said the following.

"Imagine if we moved to another country and we had to learn that language. It would be daunting.

"And then for her to become the first lady. She not only speaks five languages, she's reading different languages, too. I mean, that's not easy to do... Shouldn't she be praised? Shouldn't we be supporting her for all of her hard work and learning?"

According to Deadline, Rachel Campos-Duffy, who is a Fox News commentator, discussed this with Earhardt on Fox morning show. Duffy honed in on Melania Trump's assets, pointing out how she can speak several languages. It that wasn't enough, Melania was reading to those kids from a book that was written in the English, which is not her first language.
Speaking a different language from your native tongue is one thing, but being able to read a different language as well, that's quite the feat. The folks on the curvy couch felt Melania should be praised not ridiculed. Duffy went on to point out the barriers Melania broke, such as being the first immigrant first lady of this nation since the early 1800s. Duffy also pointed out that Melania is the most fashionable first lady this country has ever had.

Hollywood is tough on Melania and the Fox & Friends group pointed this out during their show. According to Deadline, "They called on former First Couple Michelle and Barack Obama, who still have considerable sway over their friends in Hollywood to tell their friends to 'back off'." Michelle Obama did offer Melania Trump any help she needed when the changing of the guard was about to take place after the votes were tallied but before the inauguration.

According to an article from Mashable back in December of 2016, Michelle Obama relayed to Melania Trump that "I'm here if you need me." Michelle explained why she made that sincere offer to Melania in an interview. The former first lady said as follows.

"My offer to Melania was, you really don't know what you don't know until you're here, so the door is open, as I've told her and as Laura Bush told me and other first ladies told me. I'm not new in this going high thing. I am modeling what was done for me by the Bushes. And Laura Bush was nothing but gracious and helpful. Her team was right there for my team throughout this entire eight-year process. We will do whatever they need to help them succeed."
Despite being from opposite parties or not, the first ladies who came before her were all there for Michelle and she vowed to do the same for Melania Trump as well. It was during this interview that Barack Obama threw in, "my door is always open."