Joe Scarborough ‘Lawn Boy’ Comment: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson As President Like Lawn Boy Doing Surgery [Video]

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough made a comparison of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to a “lawn boy” that is gaining cries of racism on social media on Thursday, April 5. As seen in the above video, Joe was discussing the possibility of Johnson’s bid for president in the future, with Scarborough’s analogy mentioning a “lawn boy” several times not going over well with fans of “The Rock,” who enjoys an African and Samoan ancestry, according to Raw Story.

Johnson’s potential presidential run against President Donald Trump in 2020 was dismissed by the MSNBC host, even as Republican analyst Steve Schmidt stated good qualities that “The Rock” possesses that could make him a threat to a successful reelection attempt by President Trump. Whereas Schmidt spoke of Dwayne being articulate, intelligent, and humble enough to learn the things he didn’t know in terms of politics, Scarborough began his rant about Johnson going up against Trump being akin to allowing a “lawn boy” to perform surgery on a family member.

“That’s like saying you let the lawn boy do brain surgery on your mother. And he was kind of a nasty lawn boy, didn’t know how to do brain surgery and he killed your mother. But there’s another lawn boy across the street who is nice and has a better way about him when he’s mowing your lawn and collecting payment for mowing your lawn,” Scarborough said.


After the exchange, the term “lawn boy” began receiving attention on Twitter.

The interview began with talk about Johnson attending a private dinner with Hollywood benefactors like Morgan Freeman and James Cameron discussing the real possibility of “The Rock” becoming President Dwayne Johnson.

Steve praised Johnson for having a personality that is entirely unlike Donald Trump, therefore he surmised that Johnson could be a formidable opponent. Joe, meanwhile, likened celebrities like Oprah and others entering the political presidential arena as a concept no better than Trump becoming president. That’s when Joe continued to say “lawn boy” several times in attempting to make the comparison of a low-level gardener attempting to perform something as complex as brain surgery.

However, with Scarborough alleging that “‘The Rock’ doesn’t know any more about government than Donald Trump,” and continuing to use a “lawn boy” analogy to claim folks like Oprah and Johnson were allegedly unqualified for office, Joe is gaining backlash for the comparison on Twitter.