Joy-Anna Duggar In Danger? ‘Counting On’ Fans Think Austin Forsyth Is ‘Emotionally Abusive’

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Is Counting On star Austin Forsyth emotionally abusive to his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar? That is the concern of many fans, and they filled a recent Reddit thread with their worries about the “dark vibes” the 24-year-old seems to give off in YouTube clips. Could Duggar be vulnerable to abuse because of the strict rules she grew up with?

In Touch Weekly is reporting that @crazykak started the Reddit thread by writing that Forsyth is a “creep.”

“I really think he is at the very least emotionally abusive. He seems super controlling and Joy just looks to him for answers to everything. She is so used to obeying her parents without question and being so young and brainwashed makes her so vulnerable to domestic abuse,” wrote the Counting On fan.

They went on to use the example of Duggar being indecisive about wedding plans and appearing naive during different video clips and episodes of their reality show.

Others began to respond and agree with the premise that something is wrong with Forsyth. One fan wrote that he is in the right place to be emotionally abusive since Forsyth’s wife doesn’t have a mind of her own and always looks to her husband during interviews for answers to the questions. Plus, since she is so young, she is a lot less knowledgeable than he is.

Another user wrote that they could see Forsyth being abusive to his son Gideon because the couple seemingly supports the controversial Michael and Debi Pearl book To Train Up A Child: Child Training for the 21st Century, which encourages corporal punishment to train children how to behave.

The Duggars have not commented on the allegations, and probably won’t.

Duggar and Forsyth are not very active on social media, and for a couple who star in a reality show, they maintain a fairly low profile. But, when they do share something online, fans are quick to analyze every detail.

The two have caused controversy since before they got married, when they moved their wedding date from October to May, sparking shotgun wedding rumors that didn’t die until the day their son Gideon was born.

Now, Romper reports they have caused another stir by using their newborn to help promote a Christian marriage retreat that will take place next month at a family camp owned by Duggar’s in-laws, Terry and Roxanne Forsyth.

Fans are critical because Duggar and Forsyth have been married for less than a year, but will be the featured speakers at the retreat, giving their testimony to those in attendance.

In a nutshell, testimony is usually a believer’s story about the time they accepted God into their lives. In this context, Duggar and Forsyth will most likely be sharing how their faith in God has strengthened their marriage.

Even though some were critical, others supported the young couple by saying that no matter the length of your marriage or how young you are, a couple that grows together in Christ has a testimony to give.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth return in new episodes of Counting On later this summer on TLC.