‘Counting On’ Fans Lash Out At Josiah Duggar’s Former Fiancée Marjorie Jackson

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Josiah Duggar is finally set to tie the knot with his new girlfriend, Lauren Swanson, but his road to finding love wasn’t an easy one. In 2015, Josiah and then-fiancée Marjorie Jackson shockingly announced the end of their relationship in a move that was unprecedented within the conservative Duggar family. With Josiah’s wedding right around the corner, Counting On fans are now lashing out at Jackson and believe that she was only using Josiah for fame.

According to In Touch Weekly, Josiah released a statement in 2015 confirming his breakup with Jackson. The Counting On star did not reveal too many details about their split, but he did say that Jackson was not ready for marriage.

Unfortunately, fans are not buying the excuse. Shortly after Josiah confirmed his new engagement, Counting On fans took to social media and slammed Jackson for leaving Josiah after she found out that he isn’t a cash cow.

“It’s a widely spread belief that Marjorie was more into the fame than she was into Josiah (a la Jeremy), but what if it wasn’t the fame she was after? What if she wanted a slice of that sweet, sweet TLC pie, but split as soon as she found out that Josiah would likely never see a cent of it?” one fan speculated on Reddit.

Other fans added that Josiah’s father, Jim Bob Duggar, received the vast majority of the money from the family’s original TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, which aired its final season the same year that Josiah and Jackson called it quits.

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Fans believe that after Jackson found out that Josiah would not be getting a lucrative deal with TLC, she decided to break off their engagement. Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal appeared to be the last straw for Jackson, who ended her romance with Josiah shortly after TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting.

Jackson had no idea that the Duggars would later start another show with TLC — Counting On — which has been fairly lucrative with other members of the family. Although it sounds like Jackson was only after fame and fortune, at least she and Josiah parted ways amicably.

Josiah is also lucky that TLC cancelled 19 Kids and Counting when it did, or he may have tied the knot with Jackson and who knows how that marriage could have ended.

As far as Josiah is concerned, he’s got bigger things on his mind than worrying about Jackson. The Counting On star is preparing to tie the knot with his longtime friend, Lauren Swanson. The couple just confirmed their engagement, though they have not revealed when they will exchange vows.

Considering how most members of the Duggar family have a short engagement period, it’s a good bet that Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson will get married within the next three to six months. Whether or not the ceremony will make it onto the show is yet to be seen.

New episodes of Counting On premiere this summer on TLC.