Woman Allegedly Had ‘Intimate Relations’ With Her Infant Daughter’s Convicted Killer While She Was Dying


A mother was purportedly caught getting intimate with a man convicted of shaking her daughter so hard she suffered a brain bleed and was put on life support.

According to the Daily Mail, a policeman had interrupted the lovers to tell the mother that doctors were going to switch off her five-month-old daughter’s life support machine.

The policeman speaking under oath in court revealed that he saw Catherine Davidson and ex-soldier Gordon McKay in an embrace in the family room of the hospital engaged in an act.

Davidson had constantly denied that she was in a relationship with Gordon McKay who has two children of his own.

In 2016, Catherine Davidson had left her five-month-old daughter with McKay. The mother of three had asked him to watch the infant so that she could take her two older daughters to her grandmother’s house.

Hours later, Davidson had received an emergency text from McKay telling her to come to his house. When she arrived, she found him administering CPR on her infant daughter. The former soldier claimed that he had left Hayley alone for a few minutes to run a bath and when he returned, found her unresponsive.

Gordon McKay would later tell investigators that he shook the infant at least four times, saying that her head was whipping forwards and backwards as he did it.


Medical experts diagnosed bleeding inside Hayley’s brain coupled with significant head trauma and deemed her injury non-survivable and placed her on life support.

Prosecutor Jane Farquharson, who revealed that Davidson had developed an obsessive relationship with the former soldier, told the court that the mother seemed more concerned about the welfare of McKay than spending time with her fatally injured baby daughter.

Investigations revealed that Davidson and McKay smoked marijuana together while the infant girl was in the room. This was a day before Hayley was found with her irreparable brain injuries.


Further digging unearthed that Hayley was admitted to a hospital for a broken arm on New Year’s Day in 2016. This was three months after McKay started seeing the girl’s mother.

The Mirror is reporting that the 38-year-old man has admitted to killing the baby girl by shaking her violently and causing her catastrophic injuries.

He has been told that he faces an unavoidable prison sentence even though he pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of culpable homicide.