Man Kills Himself After Allegedly Beating Pregnant Girlfriend With Fire Extinguisher, Shooting Her


A Florida man took his own life after he allegedly beat his pregnant girlfriend with a fire extinguisher and shot her multiple times, according to Fox 35. Just shortly before 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Orange County police were called to a home in the 1800 block of Fruitwood Court near Apopka-Vineland Road and Balboa Drive after receiving calls from residents about a man battering a woman outside.

Officials say that a man, who has not been identified, was arguing with his girlfriend outside of their home before allegedly grabbing a fire extinguisher and beating her with it. Neighbors said he then dragged the woman back inside the home and continued beating her.

Just a short time later, neighbors said they heard shots being fired.

When officers arrived at the scene, preparing to enter the home, they found the victim injured and trying to crawl to the front door.

A Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Jeff Williamson, said that the Orange County police had to get a tarp because she was unable to leave the house on her home due to her injuries.

It was reported that deputies placed the victim on the tarp and carried her away from the scene and into a patrol car. She was driven to a nearby ambulance and transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where she is listed in critical condition and said to be undergoing surgery.


Williamson stated that the woman may have lost her unborn baby due to the severity of her injuries.

Officers found the suspect dead inside the home. He apparently ended his own life by shooting himself, according to WFTV-9.

This isn’t the first time that police were at the couple’s home. Williamson stated that police were at the home earlier that day, as well as last week on a domestic-related call.

Neighbors said they were shocked by the incident, saying that the neighborhood is usually quiet and nothing of that magnitude has ever taken place.

The circumstances leading up to the deadly domestic dispute is unknown at this time, but investigators with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office are conducting an investigation.