Atlanta Fire Department Lieutenant Accused Of Causing Two-Month-Old Son’s Traumatic Brain Injury

Cobb County Sheriff's Office

A lieutenant with the Atlanta Fire Department was arrested for allegedly causing his infant son’s traumatic brain injury, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. On March 4, Ahmard Wright, of Smyrna, and his wife took their two-month-old son to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-Scottish Rite and told doctors that he had been vomiting for about four days.

After an examination, a pediatrician determined that the child suffered from subdural hematomas, bilateral retinal hemorrhages, and thrombosed cortical veins that was consistent with a non-accidental traumatic injury.

According to an arrest warrant, when doctors questioned the parents about the child’s injuries, Wright reportedly denied his son’s involvement in any traumatic or accidental event, but hours later he admitted that while his wife was away, running errands, he was at their home alone with his infant son and two other children, all under 19-months-old.

Wright reportedly said during that time he gave his infant son a bath. As he was washing the baby, he accidentally hit his head on the plastic infant bathtub.

Doctors say the child’s injuries were much more severe and couldn’t have been caused by what the Atlanta Fire Lieutenant explained. They went on to say that the infant boy’s injuries were not an accident, according to the warrant. That’s when the Division of Family and Children Services supervisor called officers with the Smyrna Police Department to investigate the incident.

A Atlanta Fire Lieutenant released from Cobb County jail.Featured image credit: KoddaiStock

Smyrna Police Sgt. Louis Defense stated that “our investigators they want to be… they want to do their due diligence. They want to be comprehensive and thorough and just make sure they’re doing the right thing.”

After a month-long investigation, Smyrna police officials determined that there was enough evidence to charge the Atlanta Fire Rescue lieutenant, who has been with the department for eight years.

It was reported that the Atlanta Fire Lieutenant turned himself into the Cobb County jail. He is now facing first-degree charges of cruelty to a child. He was released about three hours later after posting a $20,000 bail bond.

Camera crews captured the moment Wright walked out of the Cobb County jail, but he didn’t have anything to say about the ordeal.

Sources say Wright has an attorney, who has declined to say anything regarding the Atlanta Fire Lieutenant’s child abuse allegations.

A spokesperson for the Atlanta Fire Rescue, Sgt. Cortez Stafford, confirmed Tuesday that after learning of Wright’s child abuse charges, he was placed on administrative leave.

Authorities say the baby is now out of the hospital and living with relatives.