Megyn Kelly Challenges Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer About ‘Cashing The Check’ [Video]

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Former corporate lawyer Megyn Kelly aggressively cross-examined Stormy Daniels’ legal counsel about the allegations against U.S. President Donald Trump this morning on her NBC Today show platform, Megyn Kelly Today.

Daniels claims she had a brief, consensual affair with the future president in the 2006-2007 time frame. The actress who media outlets characterize as an adult film star received $130,000 from Trump attorney Michael Cohen from his own pocket (and without Trump’s knowledge, according to Cohen) in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement. In a pending lawsuit, Daniels now claims that the agreement is null and void because Trump himself never signed it, The Daily Caller noted.

Megyn Kelly was very critical of Trump during the presidential election campaign while being the host of The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel before jumping to NBC to join the Today show franchise. However, she pressed Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti over his client seemingly wanting it both ways, i.e., keeping the “hush” money but still speaking out about her alleged romantic encounter with the president. In analyzing what she called the “legal drama,” Kelly suggested that it was unfair to keep the cash and still go on 60 Minutes to dish about Trump in front of 22 million viewers.

Kelly also claimed that the NDA was binding because as long as either Trump or Cohen signed it (and the latter apparently did), and Stormy Daniels cashed the check, an act which, apart from any written stipulation, could create a contract in and of itself.

Megyn Kelly vs. Stormy Daniels' lawyer on Todasy show
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Kelly tacitly agreed with the lawyer that it seems dubious that Cohen would cut a check to Stormy Daniels without Trump’s knowledge. That notwithstanding, when Megyn Kelly asked the lawyer why his client would care if Cohen might have committed an election law violation with the payment, Avenatti responded that the adult film star is a “principled woman,” and wants the truth, prompting laughter from the audience.

Megyn Kelly also seemed to reject that premise.

“She’s so principled that 11 days before the election, she had information about the possible next president having an extra-marital affair with an adult film actress, and she shut up about it in exchange for just over 100 grand….She wanted the dough, and now she wants to keep the dough, while violating the agreement, which – whether you like Michael Cohen or Donald Trump or not — doesn’t’ seem fair to them. “

Megyn Kelly also implied that Daniels would have a stronger case had she refunded the money.

“It’s very simple: you take out the piece of paper, you write $130,000, and then you mail it.”

The otherwise-skeptical Today host also claimed that most people believe that an affair took place between Daniels and Trump.

Against that backdrop, Trump mingled with celebrities and they with him virtually his entire adult life as a prominent New York City real estate developer and later a reality TV star. Given the lurid and tawdry allegations emerging from the entertainment community recently and historically, it would hardly be unprecedented if an alleged affair — which Trump denies — took place, as Megyn Kelly suggests.

Watch the entire Megyn Kelly interview with Stormy Daniels’ attorney and draw your own conclusions.

Last week, a federal judge denied Avenatti’s motion to fast-track a deposition of President Trump in the case, Fox News reported. A deposition, which is a component of the so-called discovery process, is testimony taken under oath outside of court usually in the office of the plaintiff’s or defendant’s attorney. The Stormy Daniels lawsuit will apparently proceed on a standard timetable.

CNN recently conducted a focus group with female Trump supporters about the Stormy Daniels controversy and her 60 Minutes interview. The network, which critics say has become the Stormy Daniels channel, may have been surprised to find that the women are still strongly in Trump’s corner as seen in the clip embedded below.


CNN also took some heat on social media this week for seemingly glorifying President John F. Kennedy’s “legendary” infidelities while at the same time broadcasting negative coverage about allegations against President Trump, Fox News observed.

Various media outlets stopped writing about the lackluster ratings on Megyn Kelly Today, which airs weekdays at 9 a.m. Eastern, once viewership appeared to stabilize (averaging 2.46 million viewers, according to Variety), which perhaps does a disservice to the host who has faced some stormy times of her own since taking the job at 30 Rock. Kelly famously left Fox for NBC on a three-year contract that pays her $23 million annually, but “the general feeling is that she will not last three years,” a network insider supposedly told the New York Post in February.

Radar Online is now claiming that Megyn Kelly is supposedly angling for Lester Holt’s job.

“Network spies speculated that by moving Megyn to evenings, NBC could kill two birds with one stone: They’d bolster the Nightly News ratings and eliminate the Today show headache Megyn has created…Plus, Megyn is universally despised at Today. She came in with all this hype, and she hasn’t produced ratings. But NBC would like to try and get their money’s worth from her, somehow.”