Apple iPhone X Successors Could Feature Touchless Control & Unique Curved Screens

Charles Rex ArbogastAP Images

The new devices coming after Apple’s iPhone X could feature some of the newest technological advances of any recent smartphones. It’s being reported that the Apple company is working on a few new cutting-edge aspects for the iPhone including the ability to use gestures to control certain features of the phone, as well as a curved display unlike any smartphone before it. These futuristic aspects could be used to help Apple separate itself from the competition, but they won’t be coming anytime too soon.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg Technology‘s Mark Gurman reported on the newest work being done for the advanced features and design aspects for the Apple iPhone. Gurman indicated that the company is developing a new “touchless gesture control” and a curved screen for the future iPhone models. Both of these aspects are in the works at the moment and not near ready for release, though.

The new touchless gesture control would apparently let the smartphone owner simply move their finger nearby to the iPhone screen or over it, rather than tapping or pressing on it. The new technology could also account for how close someone’s finger is to the screen to differentiate what sort of control or option is activated.

The current models of the iPhone have features such as the fingerprint scanner for identification and security. There’s also the touchscreen which can perform different actions for controlling the phone, apps, or other features based on the amount of pressure given by someone’s finger on the screen.

In addition to touchless aspects, there is also said to be a new screen design aspect in the works. Apple is reportedly trying to develop a screen that curves “inward gradually from top to bottom” according to sources close to the situation. The current iPhone X has an OLED screen that curves a bit at the bottom, but most humans aren’t able to see the curve. Apple’s competitor, Samsung, has a screen which curves down at the edges, so the newer iPhone made with a top to bottom design would be different.

As of right now, the Cupertino, California technology company is in the initial stages of trying to develop these new concepts. It’s mentioned that the touchless gesture control feature may not arrive for another two years, and it’s also possible the company will “not go forward” with either of these concepts. However, both seem to show that Apple is possibly looking for innovative ways to make the iPhone even better than before.