Skrillex Sets Hair On Fire Blowing Out Birthday Candles

Skrillex set his hair on fire while trying to blow out birthday candles, giving the DJ a bit of a scare but ultimately leaving him unharmed.

The video starts with a large crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to Skrillex (using his real name, Sonny) as he waits to blow out the candles. He then stands above the cake to take a picture before diving in to blow out the candles, letting his long locks drape over the cake.

Within a few seconds, the event’s emcee noticed that Skrillex caught his hair on fire and shouted to alert the DJ. Skrillex grabbed his hair quickly to squeeze out the fire and then turned to laugh about the incident.

Though the incident may have seemed harrowing, others think seeing Skrillex briefly set his hair on fire wasn’t so exciting. Spin thought the video itself didn’t exactly meet the expectations of the blaring TMZ headline: “Skrillex Sets Hair on Fire In Birthday Candle Disaster.”

Spin noted:

“Fortunately in this potentially dangerous case, the hyperbole was just that: but if you’d like to see a 42-second clip of Sonny Moore perched over a cake shaped like a massive turntable in Hollywood, leaning his famous locks into a comically huge number of candles, briefly igniting, and then putting himself out, we can provide that for you.”

For Skrillex, catching his hair on fire might not be the worst thing to happen in the past few months. In October, his girlfriend of nine months Ellie Goulding broke up with him, with insiders saying the couple seemed good together but we victims of differing schedules.