Tiny Harris Abstaining From Sex To Strengthen Marriage Driving T.I. Insane, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Paras GriffinGetty Images

Tiny Harris is abstaining from sex with her husband, T.I., in an effort to strengthen their marriage, it has been reported.

The Xscape singer, who infamously filed for divorce back in December of 2016, had noted at the time that she was no longer going to put up with the rapper’s cheating, as seen on their VH1 reality show, Family Hustle.

Tiny Harris grew sick and tired of the cheating scandals and wanted out of the marriage as quickly as possible. But as time went by, the 42-year-old’s feelings for the rapper never seemed to fade and consequently led her back into his arms.

With that said, Tiny Harris was sure to bring some new rules into the couple’s household, with the obvious being that T.I. would have to change his ways and commit to their marriage and be a united family.

While that may be the case, sources tell Hollywood Life that Harris is experimenting with other ways to make sure that her relationship with the “Whatever You Like” star stays intact.

While abstaining from sex could actually lead to T.I. cheating again, Tiny Harris is said to have informed herself about other couples who have gone without sleeping with their partners and how it supposedly helped bring them closer.

At this given point, though her marriage with T.I. is already said to be on better terms, Tiny Harris isn’t ruling out any other options that can keep her relationship with the 37-year-old fresh and fun.

Tiny isn’t worried that her man could potentially cheat on her by abstaining from having sex with him because she knows how committed he is to keep her in his life.

Their sexual drive and chemistry for one another seem to have drastically increased whenever they find themselves not being sexually active with one another for weeks on end.

If anything, from what Tiny Harris has researched, her love and desire for T.I. are definitely increasing at a rapid rate, and most importantly, it’s helping the duo keep their relationship going.

She’s overlooked the cheating fiasco in the past and wants a better future for herself and her husband, and abstaining from sex every now and then seems to be helping tremendously.