Blac Chyna Fears Losing Custody Of Children Over Six Flags Brawl: Kardashians Livid, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

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Blac Chyna fears potentially losing custody of King Cairo and Dream Kardashian following her brawl at Six Flags earlier this week, it’s been alleged.

It was reported at the time that Blac completely lost her cool after learning from her nanny that a stranger had approached Dream and touched her hand, which the unidentified woman was quick to deny when questioned following the incident.

Regardless of whether the nanny’s recollection of events was true or not, the fact that Blac Chyna ended up throwing a children’s stroller around the park while trying to fight the woman made her look bad in front of fellow onlookers and her children.

And it seemed obvious that Blac wasn’t going to get away with the fiasco without video footage surfacing on the internet.

Hollywood Life shares that Blac Chyna is fearful that Rob and Tyga will take legal action against her and have her stripped from her custodial rights with the children she shares with both men.

Rob Kardashian, in particular, was said to have been livid over Blac Chyna’s actions because it all ended up transpiring in front of their daughter — Rob feels that Blac’s actions were totally uncalled for.

And since the USC graduate has already made it known that he’s not fond of the fact that he has to pay Blac Chyna a whopping $20,000 per month in child support, Kardashian could very well use this as his case to potentially even try and obtain full custody of Dream.

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At this given point, it’s unclear on what actions Tyga and Rob will plan on taking against Blac Chyna, with fans leaning more to the 31-year-old father of one being the one that will end up going to court regarding the matter.

From what’s been gathered, Chyna is deeply apologetic about her actions and has since told friends that she wasn’t doing anything other than trying to protect her daughter from the woman she was told had touched her child, regardless of how innocent it may have been.


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Blac Chyna has refused to comment on the matter on social media. It has yet to be seen what actions Rob and Tyga will take.