Shannen Doherty Cancer Update: Tumor Marker Comes Back Elevated

Brandon WilliamsGetty Images

Shannen Doherty is a survivor. It has been nearly three years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was shocking to her friends and family, but they remained by her side as she battled the disease head-on. Doherty announced she was officially in remission last year, but now it looks like there may have been a setback. Despite some unsettling news, Doherty is remaining positive in her life.

With remission comes testing. Shannen Doherty has been through all of this before and her testimony to how breast cancer changed her is beautiful and heartbreaking both. The photos of her shaving off her hair with her mother’s help were something fans still remember nearly two years later. According to Us Weekly, Shannen Doherty revealed that her tumor marker is elevated after visiting the doctor’s office recently. While she is remaining positive, there are a number of reasons that could have caused the elevation.

Being at this point in life for Shannen Doherty isn’t something she didn’t see coming. She talked about how having pain or anything often leads her mind to wander into dangerous territory. Remaining positive throughout her journey was important to Doherty. There was an amazing support system surrounding her while she went through treatment. Reconstructive surgery was talked about as her next step, along with the tests to ensure she was not experiencing a recurrence. There was also mention of a pill that she could possibly be taking, but Doherty was still making those decisions.

Taking stock in her life and remembering how the breast cancer journey is something that Shannen Doherty is currently doing. A lot has happened in three years, all of it affecting her life in big ways. She spent a lot of time with her mother and husband as she was battling this awful disease, allowing herself to be loved and take care of in an important way. The next steps are not yet clear, but Doherty is going to remain calm and positive. Her journey through breast cancer may not be over according to the tumor marker, but Shannen Doherty has a lot of fight left in her.