Twitter Wowed By Bikini Model Working Her Voluptuous ASOS Curves — Her May West-Like Figure Embraced

Jacobsen/Three Lions/Hulton ArchiveGetty Images

People are talking, or in this case, tweeting over ASOS model Vivian Eyo-Ephraim wearing a bikini and the positive remarks are piling up. Vivian is not a celebrity or a supermodel, but by the amount of attention she has gained in her yellow halter-neck bikini, you might think she is.

Twitter users got a gander at her diverse photos from a photo shoot with fast-fashion retailer ASOS and they were overwhelmingly pleased with what they see, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine. So what is so special about Vivian in an ASOS Curve bikini?

There is no air-brushing and every bit of her body is shown the way it actually looks as she dons a bikini. ASOS started celebrating the real-life curves of women about five years ago. Last year they “swore off airbrushing,” writes Cosmo, as a way of “embracing body diversity and natural beauty.

The results of sharing images of women without any digital embellishment, which is the ASOS way today, has been a huge success with all the models. But this time around something different happened. Twitter appears to have an “obsession” with Vivian, suggests the high-fashion magazine. The bi-line of their article on this bikini model is “Damn she is WORKING this bikini.” Twitter users seem to be in agreeance as well.

According to Teen Vogue, “Twitter reacts to ASOS’s plus-size model Vivian Eyo-Ephraim,” which is their headline for an article describing Vivian’s effect on the social media site. You can see Vivian “working this bikini” in the Instagram post below.

While Teen Vogue mentions that Vivian is a “plus-size model,” Cosmopolitan refers to this internet sensation as “a model” in their article — the term “plus-size” is not used by Cosmo.

Vivian signed up with Bridge Models just seven months ago and already she is an online sensation. Cosmo suggests she’s on her way to accomplishing even more great things now that her photos have received an overwhelming amount of praise.

Her Instagram page is filled with poses and photos of Vivian enjoying daily life and embracing those voluptuous curves that the Hollywood actresses of yesteryear, like May West, made famous. There was once a time when women with curves were considered the epitome of beauty.

According to an archived Huffington Post article, actresses like Jayne Mansfield, who had that famous hourglass figure, were considered having a body type that was nothing less than “sheer perfection.” Eartha Kitt, who was an actress, singer, and dancer “is further proof that curves are beautiful.”

Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, Jean Harlow, Cleo Moore, Rita Hayworth, and Jeanne Carmen were a few more included in the list of women who celebrated their curves from a long-ago Hollywood.

Twitter is full of questions and comments about Vivian today, “Who is this mega babe?” and “This is what I want to see!!!!!, are seen online in tweets.

Twitter is showing their infatuation with Vivian today and this can be seen in a few sample tweets below.

As incredible as this bikini looks, it isn’t going to break the bank to own one. According to Cosmopolitan, The Curve Triangle Bikini Top Vivian is wearing is only $23 from ASOS. The Curve Tie Side Bikini Bottom is just $19 from ASOS.