Most Of The Duggar Family's Income Allegedly Doesn't Come From Their TV Show, Reports 'TV Cheat Sheet'

The Duggar family's mantra has always been "buy used and save the difference," but many have wondered how the family keeps up their lifestyle with so many children. The family's religion preaches that being in debt is ungodly, and they state that they have never been on government assistance. According to TV Cheat Sheet, it costs $3,000 to clothe and feed all of their children at once, which is a considerable amount of money, not including things like housing, electricity, and water.

These days, however, six of the Duggar children have moved out, but they have adopted Tyler, Michelle's great-nephew, meaning that they still need a considerable income to help clothe and feed the 14 remaining children.

According to TV Cheat Sheet, most of Jim Bob Duggar's money has come from investing in real estate. He was a real estate agent prior to debuting his family on television, and he and Michelle already had 13 young children before they were ever on TV and earning a revenue stream from their show. It is estimated that this net worth, around $3.5 million, is mostly from his real estate income streams as well as some of the smaller businesses he manages.

The pair also keep the cash rolling in from their book sales. Thus far, they have written three books as a family, one book exclusively written by the older Duggar daughters.

The family also made quite a bit of money from speaking engagements, which were a major source of income at the height of their reality TV fame. Before 19 Kids and Counting was taken off the air in 2015 in the wake of Josh Duggar's molestation scandal and uncovering the fact that he had been cheating on his wife, Jim Bob and Michelle could earn a cool $25,000 per speaking engagement. The show going off the air really dented their income, and they are reportedly raking in around $15,000 per speaking engagement instead.

TV Cheat Sheet reports that the couple no longer earn any money from their television show, Counting On, with the money instead going to their children. However, there have been disputes about money, thanks to Derick Dillard stating that he was an "unpaid volunteer" on the show.