New Jersey Cops Criticized For Probing Man’s Buttocks Looking For Pot During Traffic Stop That Found No Pot

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A New Jersey man was pulled over for a routine traffic stop when cops decided to search his genitals and probe his buttocks looking for non-existent marijuana, USA Today is reporting.

Dashcam video of the March 8, 2017 incident was finally released this week after attorney and open government advocate John Paff repeatedly petitioned the New Jersey State Police to release the footage. Paff claims his requests were repeatedly delayed and denied for no good reason.

Motorist Jack Levine was driving through Southampton when two New Jersey state troopers — identified as Joseph Drew and Andrew Whitmore — pulled him over for a traffic violation. The cops then began claiming that Levine “reeked” of marijuana, and started searching him.

In the video, which will be posted in a few paragraphs below, the troopers can be seen putting their hands down Levine’s pants, trying to find marijuana. When that failed, Drew promised a cavity search.

“If you think this is the worst thing I’m going to do to you right now, you have another thing coming my friend.”

There, on the side of the road as other motorists drove by, the cops probed Levine’s buttocks for pot. They found none.

“Did you find it? Did you find it? Yo, you guys are really ridiculous. You might as well ask me on a (expletive) date.”


According to Trenton radio station WKXW, early media reports of the incident describe troopers as having probed Levine’s anus in search of pot. In fact, Levine does not claim that officers penetrated his anus, but he does allege that cops put their hands “down the crack of my buttocks.”

You can watch the video below, but be warned: this video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Eventually, after no marijuana was found, Levine was let go with a tailgating ticket.

Levine plans to sue — and indeed, Paff was only able to find out about the incident because he routinely reviews court filings and happened to notice a motion filed by Levine. That got the ball rolling on Paff’s quest to get the footage of the incident released to the public.

“It was the most humiliating experience I’ve ever been through, also due to the fact people were driving by very slowly, watching him with his hand down my pants.”

As of this writing, the New Jersey State Police have not issued any statements in response to the stop or Levine’s lawsuit.

This is not the first time police have been accused of being a bit overzealous in search of non-existent marijuana. As the Blaze reported in 2013, a New Mexico man was taken to a hospital, and given several invasive procedures over 12 hours in a search for marijuana. None was ever found.