Carrie Underwood Shares New Photo Of Her Face With Barely Visible Scar

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Carrie Underwood showed off her slender facial scar in a new Instagram photo. As reported by Hollywood Life, the country star’s snapshot gave her fans their first clear view of the left side of her face since she suffered the horrific injury that has had her in hiding. The image let her 7 million followers know that she’s finally embracing her new look, and it possibly served a secondary purpose.

Carrie Underwood treated her fans to a special surprise on Wednesday morning. As reported by Sounds Like Nashville, “The Champion” singer gave them cause to be excited by posting an Instagram photo that was snapped inside a recording studio. It’s a black and white image, and Carrie isn’t looking directly at the camera in it. Instead, she’s gazing upwards. She has on a full face off makeup, and her hair is pulled back from her face in a bun. “The Champion” singer is dressed casually in a sweatshirt covered in holes. At least two other unidentifiable people are in the room with her.

Carrie Underwood’s photo didn’t include a caption. However, its purpose could be to tease that she’s working on new music and possibly her sixth studio album. If the latter is the case, it would be her first record since Storyteller, which was released in 2015.

Carrie has at least one new story to tell that her fans will definitely want to hear. There’s a lot of curiosity surrounding the facial injury that she sustained last November when she tripped and fell. The cut she suffered was so bad that she had to get 40 stitches to repair the damage. After the accident, which also resulted in a broken wrist, she warned fans that she might look different.

Carrie Underwood has avoided making public appearances as she continues to heal. However, she has shared a few photos of the right side of her face. These images sparked speculation that it was the left side that was injured. The photo above seems to confirm this. A very thin scar is barely visible on her cheek. It runs from the top of her cheekbone all the way down to the underside of her chin.

If Underwood is working on new music and preparing to make a big comeback, perhaps one of her new songs will be about the impact the much-discussed injury has had on her life.