‘Roseanne’ Revival: Fans React To Darlene’s Daughter Harris & Her Bad Attitude

Robert TrachtenbergABC

The Roseanne revival was back on Tuesday night to air the third episode of the nine-episode season. During the show, fans flocked to the social media site Twitter to weigh in on the 30-minute sitcom and reveal their thoughts about one character in particular, Darlene’s daughter, Harris, played by actress Emma Kenney.

According to an April 3 report by Pop Culture, many Roseanne viewers shared a similar reaction to Harris’ bratty teenage attitude. During the episode, which was titled “Roseanne Gets The Chair,” Roseanne and her granddaughter Harris butted heads over nearly everything. The Conner family matriarch couldn’t stand Harris’ entitled and disrespectful behavior. Things came to a boil when Granny Rose asked Harris to get her laundry out of the machines so that she could do her own load of clothes. Harris wouldn’t back down, and argument eventually ended with Roseanne calling her granddaughter a “b***h” and pushing her head under running water in the kitchen sink.

When Roseanne’s daughter Darlene got wind of her mother’s actions, she was furious. The entire episode dealt with Darlene being a pushover parent and how the older generation parented their children with a stricter and stronger hand. Many fans seemed to agree with the show’s title character tweeting things such as “Harris is a worse version of Darlene” and “This kid is a spoiled entitled brat.” One fan even wrote that “Harris definitely had it coming.”

Roseanne fans who have also watched actress Emma Kenney in the role of Debbie Gallagher on Showtime’s Shameless know that the she can command a scene, especially a dramatic one. Kenney is often seen getting herself in wild situations on the cable series, which included her character doing an illegal job for cash which lead to a foot injury. Kenney’s character, Debbie, was told that three of her toes would have to be amputated, so she had a family member cut them off in order to refrain from paying for surgery.


While fans are seemingly taking sides against Harris on the Roseanne revival, they may come to learn that the teenager has some issues that cause her to be a bit bitter, such as an absentee father in David, who will appear in an upcoming episode of the show.

Roseanne currently airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.