Kylie Jenner Bares Flat Tummy On Instagram After Shockingly Strict Post-Baby Diet For 35-Lb Weight Loss

Theo WargoGetty Images For US Weekly

Kylie Jenner is stunning her Instagram followers by showing off her toned tummy just weeks after welcoming her first baby into the world. Kylie and her 25-year-old boyfriend Travis Scott have been caring for their tiny daughter as a team, but Jenner is getting all the credit when it comes to restoring her post-baby body so quickly.

The 20-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has taken time away from diapering her baby girl Stormi Webster to show off her weight loss on social media. People magazine pointed out that Kylie has made her pride in shedding her post-pregnancy pounds obvious in showcasing her body on Instagram.

“[Kylie Jenner] has been working hard at getting her pre-pregnancy body back, and she’s not shy about sharing her progress… Posing in a backstage lot, Jenner rolled up a cropped white sweatshirt and slightly pulled down her track pants to reveal her stomach.”

Kylie posted her stomach-baring pose on Instagram a mere two months after Stormi’s birth. The baby joined the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan on February 1.

In addition to the pose in which she bared her toned tummy, Jenner shared several other pictures in which she wore the same outfit. Kylie chose sleek black-and-white athletic slacks to go with her cropped top. A tiny Chanel quilted backpack completed her outfit.

The photos show that Kylie has made progress on her goal, which an insider spilled in an interview with People.

“[Kylie Jenner has] been working hard to get back into shape after her birth because she wants to be a really hot young mom.”

With youth already on her side, Jenner has been exercising and putting her focus on restoring her pre-baby body, added the source. Kylie is caring for her daughter during this effort, but she really wants to achieve her weight loss goals, according to the insider, who noted that Jenner was uncomfortable during her pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner Gets Motivated By Posting Post-Baby Bikini Body Pic On Instagram

Describing Kylie as “super determined” to lose weight, the source also offered good news for her Instagram followers. As Jenner sheds more weight, she plans to show off her slim-down success, said the insider.

“As Jenner gets further along in her transformation, she will be flaunting her progress more and more.”

Kylie has been motivating herself by sharing her “summer goals” via a throwback bikini photo on Instagram, as the Inquisitr reported.

In addition to exercise, Kylie has shared her use of a waist trainer to restore her pre-baby body. But Jenner’s rapid weight loss also is due to a shockingly strict diet, according to a source cited by The Sun.

Kylie is following a rigid calorie-counting diet, limiting her meals to a total of 1,000 calories daily. Jenner also has cut out fried foods and foods that are high in carbohydrates. Her meals consist primarily of protein, such as organic chicken and fish. In addition to her calorie-counting, low-carb diet plan, Kylie is sipping a diet beverage, said the insider.

“[In addition to her low-carb diet, Kylie Jenner is] drinking detox tea and wearing her waist trainer.”

To jump-start her post-baby weight loss, Jenner turned to the celebrity weight loss queen of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan, her big sister Kim Kardashian, as the Inquisitr reported. Kim helped Kylie follow a low-carb diet that initially helped her shed 25 pounds in just 10 days. In all, after having gained 50 pounds during her pregnancy, Jenner has lost 35 pounds.

Kylie Jenner’s Diet And Exercise Before And After Pregnancy Shows Shocking Difference

The Sun pointed out that Kylie’s diet and fitness plan following the arrival of her baby is dramatically different than her lifestyle pre-pregnancy. While Jenner is now cutting out the carbohydrates and fried food while boosting her protein intake, Kylie used to enjoy waffles and oatmeal for breakfast. Those meals of chicken and fish that Jenner is now eating are a noticeable contrast from her pre-baby lunch and dinner, which once included now-forbidden foods such as fries, burgers, tacos, and rice.

Kylie Jenner has given up her favorite foods such as bacon and avocado toast to achieve her post-baby weight loss.
Kylie Jenner has given up her favorite foods such as bacon and avocado toast to achieve her post-baby weight loss.Featured image credit: Ethan MillerGetty Images

What hasn’t changed, however, is Kylie’s attention to the quality of her food. Jenner’s older sister Khloe Kardashian once shared Kylie’s desire to eat right.

“[Kylie Jenner is] super aware of what she puts in her body when it comes to fresh and organic foods.”

In addition to changing her diet, Jenner has stepped up when it comes to her fitness routine. Before Jenner welcomed her daughter into the world, she rarely worked out. Kylie worked out with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian only one time, admitted Khloe prior to the arrival of Jenner’s baby.

“She did come with Kourt and me one time, when Don was training us. Don does four quarters in each session, and Kylie only stayed for one quarter,” recalled Khloe. “She doesn’t have any remorse, either.”

Now that Jenner is working on her restoring her pre-baby body, however, she exercises with a fitness trainer five days a week. Kylie’s exercise regime includes lifting weights and doing aerobic activity such as running, performing squats, and doing push-ups.