‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 Spoilers: Joan Collins Joins The Cast

Richard ShotwellAP Images

American Horror Story Season 8 spoilers are beginning to roll in, and a brand new casting announcement has been revealed. Actress and author Joan Collins will officially be joining the cast of the FX horror anthology series for next season.

According to an April 4 report by the Hollywood Reporter, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is revealing some American Horror Story Season 8 spoilers. Murphy has confirmed that Joan Collins will join the cast with Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters, who have also been confirmed to star in the upcoming set of episodes. Collins has been seen in the past on shows such as Dynasty and The Royals.

While Joan Collins’s role in American Horror Story Season 8 is not being revealed just yet, spoilers about the show are reportedly being leaked online. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the theme for the upcoming season is reportedly called Radioactive. Actors such as Dylan McDermott, Adina Porter, and Denis O’Hare are expected to return to the franchise, along with AHS newcomer Eddie Cibrian. The show will also reportedly be set in Arizona in the year 2032.

Joan Collins is sure to bring the drama as fans know she can deliver from her past performances as well as the juicy stories she’s written in her novels such as Misfortune’s Daughters, Infamous, and Star Quality. In addition to the confirmation that Collins will appear in American Horror Story Season 8, Ryan Murphy also reveals that he is “interested” in casting Angelica Huston, as well. The actress has appeared in movies such as The Addams Family, The Witches, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and many more.

Ryan Murphy also talked about his other two FX anthology series’ revealing that he has scrapped his idea to have a Monica Lewinsky-themed season of American Crime Story, adding that no one should tell her story but Monica. He also confirmed that he’s trying to figure out the next season of Feud, although he previously announced that it would be about Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Murphy says he’s still working on it and doesn’t want to go forward until he’s “100 percent sure.”

American Horror Story Season 8 featuring Joan Collins will premiere on FX this fall.