Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Melania Trump’s Accent: Watch Kimmel Make Fun Of Melania Saying ‘Dis And Dat’ [Video]

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

According to Google Trends, several variations of Jimmy Kimmel’s name married with First Lady Melania Trump’s name are getting attention. The search engine giant reports that “Kimmel Melania” has surged 90 percent over the past four hours of Wednesday, April 4, along with “Jimmy Kimmel Melania,” which has surged by the same percentage in search queries. Also up 50 percent is the phrase “Jimmy Kimmel mocks Melania.”

The melee stems from the above video, titled “Surprise Visitor at Donald & Melania Trump’s Easter Egg Roll,” which has surged to enjoy 120,123 views on YouTube since being uploaded on Tuesday, April 3. The video, which has gained more than 1,400 thumbs up reactions, shows footage of President Donald Trump and Melania Trump at the recent 140th annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

Kimmel showed footage of Mr. and Mrs. Trump enjoying the Egg Roll as Jimmy joked that President Trump heard the word “egg roll” and thought about making the Chinese pay for the food item. Meanwhile, Kimmel joked that after hearing Melania’s accent as she read a book to the children at the Egg Roll, Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s American-Mexican security guard who also has a thick foreign accent, could also become first lady of the U.S.

Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Melania Trump's foreign accent.
Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Melania Trump's foreign accent.Featured image credit: Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Kimmel doubted how much work that Melania put into helping organize and host the event, as President Trump heaped praise upon Melania for all of her hard work putting the event together. Jimmy joked that Melania likely didn’t do a lot to organize the Easter event. However, it was Kimmel’s mocking of the way Melania read to the kids, with the phrase “this and that” sounding more like “dis and dat,” that is getting a boatload of attention online.

Melania was reading the book You, by Sandra Magsamen, which encourages children to “be clever and curious, just like a cat. Ask lots of questions about this and that.”

Articles about Kimmel mocking Melania Trump’s accent began appearing on Fox News. Sean Hannity’s blog claimed Kimmel “viciously” mocked Melania’s accent.

At the end of Kimmel’s video, Jimmy envisioned a “special visitor on the balcony with the Trumps” when a blonde woman favoring Stormy Daniels pretended to accidentally step out onto the Truman Balcony, preparing to light a cigarette, unaware of and surprised by the crowd of people.